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21 People We Hate At The Airport

PEOPLE WE 121 HATE 2 AT THE AIRPORT BASED ON A SURVEY OF 5000 PEOPLE BY JUST THE FLIGHT 53% of People 48% of People 47% of People PEOPLE THAT ARE LATE PASSPORT LOSERS THE JOKER Can you skip to the front of the queue because you're going to miss your flight? Of course you can't! You can get up early like the rest of us! This is quite literally THE most important document to have at the airport, so excuse me if I'm a little miffed that you Oh... so you thought making a joke about terrorism would be funny, did you? Well, enjoy your visit to airport security - I'll be waving from the plane. Who's laughing now?! now can't find it and are holding up the queue for everyone! 44% of People 34% of People 26% of People SEAT HOGS PEOPLE THAT DON'T THE MEGAPHONE UNDERSTAND SECURITY How wonderfully thoughtless - one person in a crowded airport taking up 6 seats! Well, I do hope there are no Airport security is not a new feature - you knew it was coming, so why are you only now taking your laptop out of your bag? Oh, and through There is somebody with partial hearing on a plane at 30,000 feet that can't quite hear your phone call, could you speak up a bit please? Of course l'm being facetious, shut up! breakables in the bag on the seat l'm taking! the metal detector with coins in your pockets, are you kidding me?! B24 > 25% of People 25% of People 24% of People CAROUSEL HOGS THE COUGHER PEOPLE THAT RUSH THE GATE Believe it or not it's not just No place like the airport to spread germs and disease by coughing and sneezing over everyone. Perfect to ruin as many people's holidays as possible! you and your family of 12 that want your bags. Stand back and make room for everyone, Really, what is the rush to get on the plane as fast as physically possible? If you cared that much about or run the risk of 'accidentally' getting pushed onto the carousel. Oops... getting the perfect seat you would have just booked it. 18% of People 15% of People 13% of People PEOPLE WITH PEOPLE THAT CASHIERS THAT ASK TOO MUCH LIQUID BLOCK MAIN WALKWAYS FOR BOARDING PASSES Asking for my boarding pass Throwing a fit because you're having to throw away toiletries worth hundreds just Walkways are aptly named insofar as they are the way to walk. May I ask then, why you are lying down in the middle of it with all your luggage and a Burger King meal?! was a necessary inconvenience until we found to buy their miniature equivalents for double the price the other side of security? You've only yourself to blame! out it was all to avoid tax! So no, I won't be frantically searching my pockets to find it anymore! LADS LADS LADS 12% of People 11% of People 10% of People PASSPORT CONTROL THE FIRST PEOPLE THAT STAND ON MOVING WALKWAYS They are moving so you can walk faster, not stop, and LADS HOLIDAY This isn't a police line-up - it's a mandatory part of the journey, so please stop staring at me like l'm going to confess to robbing a bank. I'm just here for a holiday! Wonderful - an obnoxiously loud group of lads in matching tank tops sporting vulgar nicknames desperately trying to dupe a shop assistant into giving now, you're holding everybody else up. That 30 seconds of minimal exertion too much for you was it? them some of the taster alcoholic drinks on offer. 9% of People 8% of People 8% of People PEOPLE THAT THE JUDGE THE OVER-KEEN PERSISTENTLY SECURITY OFFER TAXIS Nobody likes setting off the metal detector and getting an awkward pat down. This experience is made infinitely worse by security refusing to break eye contact and sporting a creepy smile the I've just landed and whilst | would love an easy ride to my hotel, I do not want an Just because it's 5.30am, that gives you no right to judge me for having a nice beer with my breakfast! Or a overpriced taxi offered from a shirtless man with a hairy chest, a gold chain and questionable personal hygiene. Scam avoidance margarita cocktail! Or a shot of Sambuca.! entire time. rule number 1. 00 8% of People 6% of People 6% of People PEOPLE THAT TRY TO PEOPLE WHO USE ALL BLAG AN UPGRADE THE PDA COUPLE THE POWER OUTLETS Some may admire the audacity to request an upgrade at check-in whilst fellow passengers are waiting behind you. I am not one of those people. What makes Is it entirely necessary to be passionately making out in Take a long look at yourself if you're hogging all of the valuable power outlets so you can tell your followers you're 'at the airport lol' and make sure you have enough battery for an in-flight selfie. between not-so-muted sobs and proclamations of love at Departures? I think my lunch is coming back up. you so special? JUST THE FLIGHT JUSTTHEFLIGHT.CO.UK

21 People We Hate At The Airport

shared by justtheflight on Apr 30
Based on a Just The Flight survey, we have identified the most annoying behaviours of fellow travellers when at the airport!


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