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The 20 Most Popular Destinations for British Expats

The 20 Most Popular Destinations for British Expats ** AUSTRALIA 1,277,474 expats Australia is the most popular location for British expats to settle with many finding an improved quality of life for their families. The country also boasts an increased disposable income, a good economy and plenty of sunshine. USA 758,919 expats HOLL'YWOOD The land of the free, home of the brave attracts plenty of Brits looking for low taxes, improved weather and diverse culture. Getting a work visa can be hard but not impossible, and it's .... also a popular retirement spot (think Florida!). CANADA 674,371 expats Housing, quality of life, high-quality education and a national healthcare system all rank highly among expats in Canada. Many also find it easy to make friends and integrate into the local community, although complain it's hard to get a work-life balance. SPAIN 381,025 expats Spain has long been a popular home-from-home for Brits, with the sun, property prices and lifestyle once attracting many. Yet, in recent years the pull of Spain has dwindled due to increased unemployment and a poor economy. ** NEW ZEALAND 313,850 еxpats Besides being stunningly picturesque, New Zealand has relatively low crime rates, a better quality of life for children and the government is keen to recruit expats. However, many expats find they have a low disposable income. SOUTH AFRICAE 305,660 expats The relatively low cost of living, warm climate, beautiful beaches, amazing wildlife and game parks are just some of the things attracting Brits to South Africa. Figures show that more than 38,000 Brits living in the country are drawing a UK state pension. IRELAND 253,605 expats While the financial crisis of the past few years has seen fewer Brits head for the Emerald Isle, it's still a hugely popular choice for expats. It's not only close to the UK, but they speak the same language, have a slower pace of life and beautiful countryside. And, that's not mentioning the Guinness! FRANCE I || 172,806 expats France's gastronomy, culture, warmer climate and proximity to the UK make it a popular choice among expats. Plus, while house prices soared in the UK, property remained relatively II affordable over there. GERMANY 96,938 еxpats Lower house prices, a robust economy and low taxes are seeing increasing numbers of Brits set up home in Germany. The country boasts spectacular landscapes, vibrant cities and a laidback lifestyle. CHANNEL ISLANDSX 73,030 expats The Channel Islands have long been a haven for the wealthy due to its low taxes, stable economy and 'off-shore' banking options. The islands are within easy reach of both the UK and France, and the cost of living is generally on par with the UK. LITALY 72,234 expats Italy is famous for its Mediterranean lifestyle which appeals to many expats. The good public transport, great healthcare and buzzing social scene also add to its appeal. However, accommodation can be expensive and unemployment is high. NETHERLANDS 48,977 expats Skilled expats living in the Netherlands can benefit from a tax-free allowance equivalent to 30% if they meet the correct criteria. English is widely spoken across the country, there are lower than average crime rates and waiting times for hospital appointments are usually low. + SWITZERLAND 47,327 expats A quarter of expats in Switzerland earn more than twice the global average. Other bonuses are the landscape, great transport connections to the rest of Europe, and good public transport and healthcare. SINGAPORES 45,000 expats Singapore might have some strict laws, but it also has excellent albeit expensive childcare and education, and low tax rates. The good weather, ease of living and low crime rates also appeal. =UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 33,856 expats The UAE offers expats high disposable income, a good working environment and excellent career prospects. However some say it can be difficult to integrate into the community. JAPANO 20,812 expats Japan offers the chance to experience a completely different way of life, as well as high living standards, good healthcare and education. However, it can be an expensive place to live with Tokyo and Osaka both being in the top 5 most expensive cities in the world to live in. PORTUGAL 18,989 expats Many who move to Portugal are looking for a better quality of life rather than better job prospects, but with lower average wages the cost of living is also lower. Friendly locals, good weather and beautiful surroundings also appeal to those living there. HONG KONG * 17,455 expats Low taxes, efficient public transport and the widespread use of English is something many Brits in Hong Kong appreciate. That said, the shortage of international schools, overcrowding and air pollution have all been cited as drawbacks. CHINA 12,623 expats China's culture, good food and quality of public transport make it a popular choice for a new home. It is also considered one of the central hubs for business and offers better job prospects, often with the opportunity to earn more than in the UK. SOUTH KOREA E 5,149 expats Expats in South Korea are usually very well paid and often apartments are provided by the employer. People also benefit from tight-knit expat communities, an excellent education system and a cheap public healthcare system offering great medical care. РАСК SEND Anything. Anywhere. 000'S 000 4: (1 000'I 000'61 21,000 33,000 45,000 000' 49,000 000 000'EL 0007 000'0LI 000'0, 300,000 310,000 380,000 670,000 000'092 1.27 million

The 20 Most Popular Destinations for British Expats

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More than 5 million Brits are currently living overseas, from as nearby as Ireland to as far away as Australia. But, have you ever wondered which countries are the most popular among British expats an...


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