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20 Gutterly Bizarre Things Found In Sewers Around The World

20 Gutterly Bizarre Things Found In Sewers Around The World Item Location Gold Luxury Watches Fatberg Nagano, Japan Essex, UK London, UK A very lucky cleaner in Essex found an Omega watch, two Rolexes and a Franck Muller watch in a drain near A 15 ton blob of congealed fat mixed with baby wipes was found blocking a sewer under the streets of London. Known as a fatberg, it was the size of a double decker bus! The Water Treatment Facility pulled out approximately £36,000 worth of gold from its sludge. The gold particles are said to have come from the Chalkwell Railway Station. The value was almost £60,000! precision instruments used by people in the industry. Alligator Sheep Cow Texas, USA Surrey, UK Fujian Province, China We've heard of rats living in the sewers, but how about alligators? Back in 2006, a huge 600 pound alligator was found exploring a 3 foot When a routine sewer check was A sheep isn't the only farm animal to be found in a sewer. After a cow carried out in Surrey, something unexpected was found - a live sheep was found roaming around. Luckily the other sheep didn't follow him! went missing for 4 days in China, moos were heard from the most wide drain in Texas, USA. unlikely of places - under a manhole. Jaw Bone Marijuana Half a Mini Edmonton, Canada Washington, USA London, UK A jaw bone was once found in the sewers of Edmonton in Canada, Fortunately it wasn't from a human, Marijuana seeds that were flushed in Washington ended up sprouting into a small forest in the sewer. When destroyed, the amount grown came to over £1,000 in street value. Minis are small but did you know they were small enough to fit inside a sewer? Well, not quite, but "half* of a Mini car was found blocking a sewer in London. but it isn't known which animal it came from, nor how it got there. Hand Grenades Fax Machine Motocross Bike London, UK Scotland, UK Trent, UK You have to be careful when It seems a Scotsman had a very bad Another unexpected item was found handling some of the strange things found in sewers, but you have to be extra careful when it happens to be a hand grenade. day in the office one day, as a fax stuck in sewers of Trent - a machine was found in the sewer motocross bike. These bikes are system when carrying out a routine check. capable of going cross-country, but evidently not in the sewers. Pink Bicycle A Puppy Placenta Scotland, UK London, UK Illinois, USA It seems bikes of all shapes and sizes (and colours!) have been found in the The sewer is probably the last place you'd think to look when searching for a lost puppy, but this was the case in Victoria in London. Luckily it Time for a slightly gross one. Back in 2009, a human placenta was found in the swer system of Illinois. Hopefully they didn't actually give sewers. A pink bike was found in the Scotland sewer system. At least it was easy to spot. was alive and well. birth down there. A Baby Dinosaur Fossils Hockey Sticks Sydney, Australia Alberta, Canada Calgary, Canada When cries were heard coming from a sewer in Sydney, something shocking was found - a living baby. A construction crew working on a new housing development Hockey is a hugely popular sport throughout Canada, so it isn't a massive shock that hockey sticks discovered dinosaur fossils! Palaeontologists believe they were from a duck-billed dinosaur called a were found in the sewer system in Luckily he was rescued and remained happy and healthy. Calgary. Hypacrosaurus. Goldfish Worms Alberta, Canada North Carolina, USA You've heard of people flushing a dead gold fish down the toilet, but in Canada, goldfish are actually surviving down there - and breeding In 2009, a huge fleshy looking mass was discovered blocking a sewer. Upon closer inspection however, it turned out to be an enormous colony rapidly! of Annelid worms! plumbworld Big brands, small prices. Sources:

20 Gutterly Bizarre Things Found In Sewers Around The World

shared by plumbworld on Aug 10
From cows to crocodiles, cars to watches, just about everything has been found in sewers around the world - as shown in this infographic by Plumbworld.


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