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16 Unbelievable Fairytale Locations You Can Actually Visit

16 Unbelievable Fairytale Locations you can actually visit Jökulsárlón, Glacial Lake v Iceland v ´his ethereal glacial lake is considered one of the natural wonders of Iceland. The dramatic landscape of Jökulsárlón would not look out of place in Disney's latest fairy tale adaption Frozen. Jökulsárlón has been the setting for four Hollywood epics: A View to a Kill, Die Another Day, Batman Begins and Tomb Raider. Hohensalzburg fortress v Austria t's hard not to imagine fire-breathing dragons and heroic knights when faced with this impressive fortress. The sprawling towers and turrets bring to mind the grand castles in Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. Hohensalzburg fortress was built in 1077 and is now considered one of the largest medieval castles in Europe. Neuschwanstein Castle - Germany v A euschwanstein Castle was the inspiration for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty castle and solid structure. The owner of Neuschwanstein it's easy to see why. The fantastical palace almost Castle, Ludwig II was often called the Swan defies reality, looking more like an illustration from the pages of a children's book than a real, King and the Fairy Tale King. Coorg and Karwar Green fields v India K he rolling green fields of Coorg and Karwar are practically unspoiled. Wandering through the misty landscape with its deep valleys and sparkling waterfalls recalls the myths and legends of King Arthur and his knights. The Portuguese heritage of the region lends beautiful Coorg and Karwar a very European vibe. The Door to Hell a Turkmenistan v to Hell is perhaps more suite to horror stories than fairy tales but it's a magical place nonetheless. Like Mount Doom in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings the crater permanently simmers vivid orange flames. The natural gas fire was lit by petrochemical scientists in 1971 and has been burning continuously since. he boiling mud and The Crooked Forest v Poland a hat's a fairy tale without a forest? I2 Especially a forest with strange going's on such as this one in Poland. A peculiar forest of 400 pines trees all growing with a 90 degree curve at their base. How or why these trees grew this way, no one knows, although many speculate that the mysterious design is in fact man-made. Kunming Village a China v KE his unique village in China is actually a theme park known locally as, "The Kingdom of the Little People'. Here you can see fairy tales played out by a community of meaningful work. dwarf performers. The village features quirky mushroom-shaped buildings in an array of bright colours and is a place where those with dwarfism in China can find well-paid, Streymoy Island ~ Faroe Islands a KK he village of Saksun lies on the ancient Streymoy island. The small settlement is embedded within the striking Nordic countryside of misty mountains, lush green pastures and deep blue waters. Arriving in Saksun it's possible you might find pixies, trolls and elves roaming the landscape. Certainly the Moomin family would be quite at home here. Reine - Norway A tis said that fairies dance in the pretty A flower-filled meadows of Reine and trolls make their home in the surrounding mountains. With its blue bays and quaint houses, Reine could be the setting for any folk story or fairy tale. In the 1970s Reine was voted the most beaut rillage in Norway. Ping'an China he terraced rice paddies at Ping'an in Longji are a traditional example of agriculture in China. They are remarkably beautiful year-round, but especially so in spring when the terraces are flooded with water. Longji means Dragon backed mountain', so called because the paddies resemble the scales of a dragon's back when full of water. Hallstatt Austria s he lakeside village of Hallstatt is a picture of paradise with brightly painted houses nestled amongst leafy mountains. However, one of the village's oldest and best-known attractions could be the setting for a terrifying fairy tale. The Bone Chapel in Hallstatt is home to 1200 skulls, over half of which have been painted with flowers and the deceased's information - slightly creepy but quite fascinating nonetheless. Bibury England he charming chocolate-box village of Bibury in England retains all of its medieval charm. Stone cottages with moss covered walls and perfectly kept gardens are evocative of Belle's hometown in Beauty and the Beast. William Morris, world-renowned artist and designer, called Bibury The most beautiful village in England' when he visited here. Göreme ~ Turkey K he spectacular Göreme is famous for its abundance of intriguing rock formations often called fairy chimneys'. Set within the dramatically scul historical town of Göreme, a picturesque settlement that looks as though it has sprung from the rock itself. In fact, underground towns and troglodyte villages dating back to the 4th century can still be I landscape is the seen here. Manarola - Italy K he brightly coloured buildings of Manarola in Liguria, Italy recall the picturesque villages of many famous fables and tales. The houses of this breathtaking town spill Antonio Discovolo. down the cliff to the water's edge. The oldest town in Cinque Terre, it dates back to 1338. Manarola was often depicted by Italian artist Halong Bay Vietnam K he very name Halong evokes tales of mythical grandeur. Halong translates as where the dragon descends into the sea'and the bay is home to thousands of limestone islands old legend goes that the islands of Halong Bay were created by a great dragon gouging valleys and gorges from the landscape. The and karsts. St.Paul Winter Carnival v Minnesota v tepping inside the Ice Palace in Minnesota, lakes, the tradition of building frozen abodes A you'd be forgiven for thinking you had arrived at the White Witches' residence in began in St.Petersburg with Empress Anna in 1739 to celebrate Russia's victory over the Ottoman Empire. Narnia. Ornately sculpted using ice from local BALTIC Creative commons photo credits Biury England-Flekr uen nik ditrembh t34I740oNDO OTDO Neuschwanatia Catle, Gemany - Rickru iekromphoomeeli120S4RO TRa ser Mailiek Clas Ping'an, China - Fickr uer Thomn Rachler Gebremho homas fahl T205 Manarola, Hely-Firer user: ahiron3638 The door way to Hol, Turkmenistan Rere Tormod Bondtery flickromphotoatormedu3610UJ Haletett, Atria -Fickr usern Kanet fickroomphotoskinet'41N2 flickreomphatost NDOUTO54 Grean fields, Indis - Flickr user Sundaram Ramawamy The arooked foret, Poland - Unkrnown souro Halong Bay, Viemam - Flicier uner Andrea Schafer ckrompholocha(7Ran17 nikkroomphotoslegedu/141100041 Plee ge in uch and orad w be gen. Göreme. Turkey-Fiokr use Minmie Aickreomphotosminnis400210 Iee Poloee, Br.Puls. Resia-Fickr uer: KendrickE Kurening Villson, Chir - tnen Pieas got in touch and oradit w be given. firkroaminhekuswhemamamte00G001 Jokulalin, laland-Flickr uer: Kanny Muir nickraomphotokmuir12110701 Saksun, Faree lalande-lior aen Mehael Clarke 2 The tull ereative commone lionnae which appliea to the above phetos cas be viewed at eativeomrnons.ceg/l gakoa Helersaluues fores, Ala- Rikruen thisishosi lichreomphetosthinisto 0700 Brine. Nurmey- Fiskr upen Sye Bveter flickroomphotoveeren0eTA3 If we have orelited vur otyor you have wy objectionn, please get in tosch. Thenk you for the fontantie imagos

16 Unbelievable Fairytale Locations You Can Actually Visit

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We've all dreamed of visiting fairytale castles and the kingdoms from the fables and legends we grew up with. Of course, these stories were all inspired by real-world places, and many of them are stil...


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