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11 Great Games to Play on a Road Trip

AUTOMOTIVE I 0011 11 GREAT GREAT GAMES TO PLAY ON A ROADTRIP During road trips, both a driver's alertness and their passengers' patience can eventually drift. Playing games alleviates boredom and can help keep the driver's brain in gear too. Most car games can be adapted to suit the age-range of passengers and some can even be played by drivers embarking on solo trips. I SPY A classic car game for kids and adults alike AGE RANGE RULES Someone chooses an object in the car or in the distance and says... spy with my little eye something beginning with [insert the first letter of the word] Players take turns to guess what's been spied and the winner gets to choose the next object. YELLOW CAR An easy-to-play game that can help keep the driver alert RANGE 3* RULES AGE RANG Race to be the first person to spot any yellow cars on the road. Shout Yellow car! No points are collected. You are a winner or a loser for each 'spotting'. It must be a car (not a van/other) It must be agreed it is yellow (not metallic yellow ie. a variation of gold, or lime, or orange) FAST-FOOD FUN An observation game that might make you hungry AGE RANGE RULES Each passenger choses a different fast-food chain and collects a point each time they see that restaurant or an advertisement for it on the road. The person with the most points by the end of the journey wins. Burger King! LICENSE PLATE LETTERS An easy-to-play game that can help keep the driver alert AGE RANGE 7 * RULES TTR R552 SND Try to make a word out of the last three letters of the licence plate of each car you follow, keeping the letters in order. For example, SND could make Send or Sound If you want to get competitive, longest word wins! WHO AM I? A question and answer game that gets everyone racking their brains NGE 7+ AGE RANGE RULES Each player is secretly assigned a famous figure and must guess who they are, using only yes/no questions. If you get a Yes ask another; , you get to No gives the next person a turn to ask about who they are, until the winner guesses correctly. a SHOPPING LIST CHALLENGE AGE RANGE RANGE 5* A classic memory game that never fails to frustrate RULES APPLES Player one names an item on their shopping list starting with BEER (URRY Player two must recall this and add something beginning with DEODORANT Players take turns each at remembering the whole list, right through to Z If it gets too easy, try doing it backwards! COUNTING SHEEP A counting game that might help kids nod off AGE RANGE RULES 4+ Passengers compete to be the first to claim any sheep they spot on the journey. Keep count and the person with the most by the end of the journey wins. Make this game tougher by cancelling out any sheep collected if you pass a traffic cone on your side of the car. NO, I'M NOT A... A funny guessing and rhyming game RULES AGE RANGE Someone chooses a word and gives a rhyming clue, eg. 1 rhyme with boot but am not a chute Players guess by asking a question: Are you a musical instrument? If wrong, the first player should rhyme a reply, eg. No, I'm not a flute This goes on until the correct word is guessed or passed. A-Z An observation game that can be played by groups or solo drivers AGE RANGE 5* RULES Each player races to be the first to spot something from A through to Z outside, going in alphabetical order. Each object can only be claimed once, so players have to be quick to shout out when they spot something new! Traffic Light! SONG ASSOCIATION Like word association, 10+ but a bit more musical! RULES AGE RANGA Someone starts by singing a line from a song. The next player must sing a line from a different song that starts with the last word from the previous line. This goes on until someone gets stumped. The last successful player gets to start a new round. Just a small town girl Girl, you really got me now FIND IT FIRST An observation game that can help keep kids quiet AGE RANGE RULES Someone picks an object they might expect to see on the journey and everyone competes to be the first to find it. It could be a model of car, an animal or type of building. The person who spots it first gets a point and gets to pick the next object. Church Spire! 11 GREAT GAMES DESIGN 911UK TO PLAY ON A ROADTRIP PORSCHE SPECIALIST DESIGN911.CO.UK

11 Great Games to Play on a Road Trip

shared by joe.shervell on Jun 18
Childhood games are always fun and unforgettable. Applying them on a road trip is never even impossible! Take the boredom away while on a trip by engaging into these fun-filled and tricky road trip ga...






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