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10 Ways To Save Money In Your Japan Trip

TO SAVE MONEY WHILE TRAVELLING IN JAPAN Travelling overseas takes a lot of money. When you're planning your trip to Japan, don't you think about ways to save as much money as possible? Here are 10 ways to save! USE THE JR PASS AND ITS LOCAL COUNTERPARTS RENT A BIKE If you're going to move within a radius of about 5 km in one day, then maybe renting a bicycle would be a good idea. The JR Pass is your ticket to travel throughout Japan by rail. You can freely use it on railroads and buses owned by JR and it's a very good deal if you take the Shinkansen However, if you buy it, there are a few terms and conditions you must follow. It's local counterparts are lighter on the wallet too. ONLINE TICKETS ROW SEAL ENTRY A2 0500123 $54.00 FLOOR 3 40 FEES OTS PRESENTS JAZZ & BLUES INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL $0.00 25/07/2014 05:00pm FLOOR 3 GRAND CITY THEATER 40 SAT, 01 AUGUST 2015 130170096 TAKE THE NIGHT BUS Travelling long distances? The overnight buses are especially cheap. You can find buses from Tokyo-Osaka for 2000 yen sometimes, depending on the travelling 00 season. Save on accommodation too! STAY AT A MANGA KISSA / INTERNET CAFE / FAMILY RESTAURANT GO VISIT A CONBINI OR GROCERY FOR FOOD Buying bento, cup noodles, onigiri, and other foods at the conbini for a cheap price might be good for people who are trying to save Overnight packs offered by manga/internet cafes cost about 1000 yen per night. While they're called cafes, their establishments where you have your own little cubicle. Many of them also have showers, manga, Internet, and a drink bar included. Or stay at a family money. In large convenience stores or groceries, there are actually places where you can sit and eat, so you can enjoy your food right there. restaurant. UTILIZE 100 YEN SHOPS 100 yen shops are shops where you can buy all of their products for 100 yen (around 1 dollar). A wide variety of products are offered here, including snacks, cosmetics, kitchenware, stationery, clothes, and more, so you can buy both emergency items as well as souvenirs here. CHOOSE THE MOST SUITABLE INTERNET ACCESS METHOD In Japan, there are a few ways to access the Internet while you're travelling. SUPERMARKET 1. Rent a pocket WiFi router. 2. Enter into a paid contract with a WiFi service. 3. Only use free WiFi spots. 4. Pay for a SIM card. 5. Utilize internet cafes and manga kissatens. L... GO FOR KINKEN SHOPS The usefulness of these methods depends on how much Internet you'll need to use and how often. At stores called kinken shops, you can buy rail and bus tickets at discounted prices. "Daikokuya" is one of the best known, but there are other stores doing the same, especially in the large business areas and nearest stations in the big cities. BAR BARBER SHOP GREENGROCER TAILOR COFFEE SHOP GARAGE SELF-SERVE UDON RESTAURANTS UTILIZE FLEA MARKETS In Japan, there are many udon restaurants where you can choose your side dishes as you order. In these restaurants, the meal prices are relatively cheap, and there are many chains where if you have the simplest dish, kake udon, you can eat it for less than 300 yen. Flea markets are more of a reasonably priced treasure trove than most people understand, so you should definitely check one out if you get the chance. Most of them are held on Saturdays and Sundays. MARKET Credits to: Infographic made by: Tripovo E 18131210015068 SURE WAYS 10

10 Ways To Save Money In Your Japan Trip

shared by BatangLooban on Jan 22
Most of the time, travelers are not going to Japan even iof they wanted to because they know Japan is an expensive country to visit. That is not exactly the case.


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