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10 Places in the World Where Your Mobile Phone Won't Work!

10 Places In The World Where Your Mobile Phone Won't Work! > POPULATION Kifuka, Democratic Republic of Congo i 150 How to get? Kinshasa N'Djili Airport Mbuji-Mayi Airpórt Kifuka Kifuka receives the most lightning strikes (158 per sq. kilometer each year) than any other place in the world! 804 km by car Green Bank, West Virginia, USA A 143 How to get? Richmond International Airport Green Bank It's forbidden to use any device with electromagnetic radiation here because of the largest telescope in the world, which receives signals from the space! A 312 km by car Medog (Motuo), Nyingchi, Xizang, China i 9500 How to get? Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport Medog Motuo is a place which has not been touched by civilization yet, and where you can see a pristine nature. 1,580 km by car Muli, Klaksvik, Faroe Islands How to get? Vagar Airport Muli Tourism is not very common on the island. So there are no crowds of people enjoying blue peaceful ocean. Only you and the beautiful nature! A 100 km by car Pitcairn Island, Pacific Ocean i 56 How to get? Fa'aa International Airport Mangareva Airport Pitcairn island This is real lost island in the Pacific Ocean. The contact with the outside world is only supported by the ship which visits the island once a month. 630 km by ship «Academician Vernadskiy» station, Galindez Island, Antarctica i 15 How to get? Southernmost point of South America AV Station Communication with the outside world is provided only via satellite. The internet speed is not always enough even to send an email! Y 2300 km by plane Bajau Laut, Philippines 1 180 How to get? Davao International Airport Bajau Bajau is not a village - it's an ethnic group of people who live in the floating houses. There is no drinking water, no electricity, and communication with an outside world is provided very infrequently. 650 km by jacht Socotra Island, Indian Ocean 1 42 000 How to get? Aden International Airport Socotra The island is that it's completely isolated from the outside world. Despite the dense population of the island, there's no mobile communication or internet here. 740 km by ship Oymyakon, Russian Federation 462 How to get? Yakutsk Airport Oymyakon Oymyakon village is the coldest inhabited place on the planet (the lowesttemperature was -71° C). In such conditions almost everything freezes, and mobile phone is not an exception. 790 km by car Gorai, Mumbai, India A 1154 How to get? Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Gorai Gorai is a village where the lifestyle is based on meditation. Using phones, tablets and other gadgets is forbidden here. A 40 km by car CAR RENTAL COMPARISON RENTAL CArsz4h

10 Places in the World Where Your Mobile Phone Won't Work!

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Spend an unforgettable vacation in one of these 10 places where no one can disturb you by phone! Set off to destinations where your mobile phones just won't work. RentalCars24H offers you a list of ...




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