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TOP 10 CITIES IN CHINA Expatriates have an abundance of choices when choosing where to live in China, but which city is the most foreigner friendly? Zhang Yue reports from Shenzhen. Visit China? Sure, but which city? China is such a big country and offers so many options. An annual survey among expatriates to find the most attractive cities in China might offer some advice. The annual survey, Amazing China – The Most Attractive Chinese Cities for Foreigners, started in 2010. It is a joint project by the International Talent Monthly and the China Society for Research on lInternational Personnel Exchange and Development. This year's survey.conducted in July and August, gathered 1,663 signed votes from foreign experts, and more than 70, 000 online votes from foreign netizens. The top 10 cities were released recently in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. The survey is based on four major indexes, namely policy environment, political environment, working environment and living environment. Shanghai tops the list for the second time, with Beijing in second spot. ile Beijing is widely acknowledged by foreign experts for its international atmosphere and culture, education and medical treatment, it lags behind in terms of living environment, especially air quality. "China has changed in scale and in speed in a way that no country has never done before in human history. I don't think we would have been talking about air concerns 10 years ago. But you can't have millions of people out of poverty and avoid n look at the industrialization process in the UK, in Europe, in the US, these countries have gone through this pollution and they have found a way around it," says Alistair Michie, a member of the Foreign Experts Advisory and Consultation Committee of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. "It is not something that can change overnight. The pressure is huge. But I believe that steps are being taken, and there is already awareness that we should not create polluted cities. You will also find a way to deal with that." Some second-tier cities, such as Xiamen, Nanjing and Shenzhen, won big votes for their residen- tial environment, policy and working environment, health and medical environment. China Daily takes a closer look at the 10 listed cities. nasty pollution at the same time. And if you 1 SHANGHAI 3 "In my view, Shanghai is the most international and friendly Chinese city. For foreign experts, it provides the best living and working environment in China. "Most of the current policies and regulations are designed for Chinese people, so there are still many problems for foreign experts working and living in Shanghai on a long-term basis. Some employment units have no special retirement policy or medical insurance policy for foreign experts. I think, like other countries, Shanghai should provide social and economic welfare to the foreign experts just as they do to the locals." TIANJIN "When I came to Tianjin for the first time in 2007, I was very much taken by its amazing environment. The government officials and cultural industrial personnel were very enthusiastic and they were happy to introduce the history, culture and urban --- Philpp Khaytovich, drector of CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology. Chinese Academy of Scienoes and expert of the second Thousand Telents Plan" development of this city to me. "As I see it, Tianjin is not only an open and international city, but it also is very accepting and generous." - Kenneth Eugene Behring, professor of Tianjn Natural Museum and director of China Foundetion for Disabled Persons BEIJING "As the capital of China, Beijing has a rich cultural life and its economy has been vigorously developed. It would be better if the air quality could be improved." GUANGZHOU "Guangzhou is a city with endless beautiful landscapes, like a huge treasure for exploration. Stop at any random place along the road and from different angles you will find a different view. - Mike Davis, director of the National Institute of Clean and Low Carbon Energy, former president of US National Hydrogen Energy Assaciation and chairman of US Solar Energy ndustries Assaciation *The culture of Guangzhou is evident in the ordinary city roads and small lanes. The life hidden in the lanes represents the real Guangdong." - Karl Fjelstrom director of Guangzhou Modern BRT & Sustainable Transport Institute and executive vice-president of Arnerican Institute for Transportation and Development Policy SHENZHEN "Shenzhen lies in South China, border- ing Hong Kong. The climate is good for living. Shenzhen is an important high tech R&D and manufacturing base, and the education on offer here has reached international levels." - Daniel Cohen-Or, expert of the "Thousand Talents Plan" n 2011 and xpert of A-Class Of 2013 Sherzhen Peacock Plan 6. XIAMEN "Xiamen has a very good environment for invest- ment and living. Ever since ancient times, Xiamen has been a city with many commercial opportunities, a good investment environment and a rich history. "The biggest problem for the city right now is the construction of infrastructure. Moreover, the rapid growth in population has become a burden. The increase of vehicles will lead to heavy traffic problems. "The good thing is, the city is now solving these problems in its own way, for example, the Xiang'an Undersea Tunnel, the first of its kind on the Chinese mainland has been completed and put into effect. The active and responsible working attitude and the effective way the Xiamen government has solved problems has set a good example for other cities." - Wiliam Brown, the first foreign expert in Fujian province to receive permanent residency in China and "Honorary Citizen of Xiamen" 7 NANJING "For me, Beijing is a city with the highest degree of internationalization, and Nanjing citizens are the most friendly people. So far, the biggest problem has been the language barrier." - Iwamura Satohira, techrical instructor of Jiangsu Gaochun Ceramics Co. SUZHOU 10 "Suzhou enjoys a competitive geographic location, convenient communication, strong industries and a comfortable living environment, all of which make it an ideal place for investment and living." QINGDAO HANGZHOU Qingdao is a very beautiful coastal city with red roofs, dense vegetation and blue skies, It is also a modern international metropolis. I was greatly impressed by the rich culture and friendly people here when I visited for the first time. The citizens are open-minded, and are willing to accept new things. And the annual beer festival attracts "In my view, Hangzhou is a city witha combination of a lovely built environment and beautiful landscapes, and a city with sound infrastructure." - David Warwick Sader, vice chancellor of Xi'anJiactong-Liver pool University and expert with Economic Geography magazinee - Michael-Boris Weber. Germanendoscope expert friends from all over the world." - Karol Vanko, general-manager of Europe R&D Center of Qingdao MESNAC Co. GUILLERMO MUNRO/ CHINA DAILY


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