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Is Your Choice of Car Going to be the Death of You?

IS YOUR CHOICE OF CAR going to be the death of you? TOP 10 SELLING CARS TOYOTA TOP 10 SELLING CARS IN THE WORLD Ford IN THE U.S.A Toyota Corolla Ford F-Series Ford Focus Chevrolet Silverado 3 VW Golf Toyota Camry 4 Toyota Camry Honda Accord 4 5 Hyundai Elantra Honda Civic Ford F-Series Nissan Altima NISSAN Chevrolet Cruze Dodge Ram DOD GE VW Passat Toyota Corolla 8. 9. VW Jetta Honda CR-V 10 Ford Fiesta Ford Escape 10 STOP Most Dangerous Cars in America 1 Dodge Ram 1500 Bad ratings in: side-marginal, rollover-marginal Price: $22,120 Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab Bad ratings in: side-poor, rollover-marginal, rear-marginal Price: $17,475 Mazda CX-7 Bad ratings in: rollover-marginal, rear-marginal Price: $22,190 Mazda CX-9 Bad ratings in: rollover-marginal, rear-marginal Price: $29,725 5 Nissan Pathfinder Bad ratings in: rollover-marginal, rear-marginal Price: $29,290 Jeep Wrangler 6. ШS Bad ratings in: side-marginal (2-door), side-poor (4-door); rear-marginal (both) Price: $22,970 (2-door), $30,745 (4-door) Suzuki SX4 Bad ratings in: rollover-marginal, rear-marginal Price: $13,849 Most Dangerous Cars based on on the Road Personal Injury Claims # of Personal Injury Claims # of Losses in Early 2012 28.5 201 Toyota Yaris 26.6 187 Suzuki SX4 26 183 Chevrolet Aveo 183 Mitsubishi Galant 26 24.9 175 Kia Rio 24.6 173 Nissan Versa 24.6 173 Hyundai Accent 23.7 167 Dodge Avenger 23 162 Nissan Sentra 183 Chevrolet Aveo Wagon 26 Claim frequencies are per 1,000 insured vehicle years * 100 percent is the average (a result of 122 is 22 percent worse than average) Killer Cars OF ALL TIME H-4641 NCW YORK Ford Pinto Became known more as a murderer of mass proportion than a dependable family vehicle, thanks to the placement of the gas tank, which could explode with a simple fender bender. 1971-1980 Briggs & Stratton Flyer 1915-1925 The least expensive vehicle of all time, but also one of the least safe; it had no doors and no windshield. Peel Trident 1966 Extremely small, barely fitting two people; practically no safety measures at all Chevrolet Corvair 1960-1963 Motorists enjoyed the toxic fumes from the engine, which got inside the car thanks to a design flaw, not to mention the high chances of getting impaled by the steering wheel in case of an accident! Bricklin Heavy doors that could cut your fingers off and a body made of material that didn't stand SV-1 1974-1976 up to heat well Yugo GV 1985 If you feel like being blown off a bridge by a particularly strong gust, or if you like parts falling apart as you drive along, this is your car YUGO Smart Fortvwo 2009 Just because it has "smart" in its name doesn't mean it's safe; if you're unlucky enough to hit something at 40mph, you just might go airborne. Ford Mustang 1984-1988 It's not so much the car as the tendency of its drivers to push boundaries Chevrolet Corvette 1984-1988 Like the Mustang, the drivers love their speed! Kia Rio 2009 The KIA highest rate of ICU patients. cheap aut insurance SOURCES getNewsByld.action?load%-detay&newsld=273201&link=273201 http://extension.udeledu/factsheet/boosting-emotional-ig/

Is Your Choice of Car Going to be the Death of You?

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"Is your car going to be the death of you?" Recently released infographic by visually shows consumers the top selling cars in the world, the deadliest cars on the road currently...


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