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Young Drivers Survey 2016

YOUNG DRIVERS SURVEY 2016 A survey of young drivers, aged between 17 and 24, has discovered a scary lack of knowledge on the rules around drink driving. Many have had at least 3 points put on their licence, or found themselves in a dangerous or risky situation, within the first year of passing their test. QUESTION 1 Have you ever driven early in the morning, after a night of heavy drinking? 19% Overall, said yes, one time only. 17% of men questioned said yes, just the once. 20% of women questioned said yes, just the once. 17% Overall, said yes, more than once. 22% of men questioned said yes, more than once. 11% of women questioned said yes, more than once. Of those questioned, twice as many men than women admitted to driving more than once after a night of drinking. More than 60% of those asked from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Plymouth and Leeds said they had never driven the morning after a night of heavy drinking. QUESTION 2 QUESTION 3 How many units of alcohol are in a 250ml glass of 12% ABV wine and a pint of 5% lager? (Answer: Both have 3 units) On average how long does it take for one unit of alcohol to be processed by your body, so there is none left in your blood stream? (Answer: 1 hour) 8% 31% Only 8% of people answered correctly. (8 % of men | 10% of women) Less than a third questioned gave the correct answer. (26% of men | 36% women) 14% Only 14% of people answered correctly. (12% of men | 16% of women) 35% Nearly half the participants thought both drinks contained less than 3 units of alcohol, meaning they believed that just one drink would keep them under the legal drink drive limit. More than a third thought it took less than an hour. QUESTION 4 QUESTION 5 How many points did you have added to your driving licence within the first 12 months of passing your test? Does driving or attempting to drive whilst over the legal drink limit result in the following: An unlimited fine or 6 months in prison? (Answer: It can result in both) 18% 46% got 3 points or more in their first three months of driving. (24% of men | 12.5% of women) Only 46% thought it could result in an unlimited fine. QUESTION 6 (43% of men | 49% women) How many times have you found yourself (when driving or as a passenger) in a risky situation/near crash ? 49% 56% Less than half believed it could result in up to 6 More than half had found themselves months in prison. in a risky situation or near crash (46% of men | 51% of women) between 1 and 4 times. 57% of men | 54% of women Jennings Motor Group

Young Drivers Survey 2016

shared by alexzazzle on Feb 22
This infographic summarises the results of Jennings Motor Group's young drivers survery and displays some of the interesting statistics it revealed


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