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World's Most Popular Cars by Country

ICELAND RUSSIA Lada Priora wW Polo EUROPE NORWAY VW Passat FINLAND VW Golf HY-JOS 2010 PRODUCTION ESTONIA 17,039,180 5 NETHERLANDS Peugeot 107 Renault Megane LATVIA VW Gof CANADA Hyundai Elentra LITHUANIA 1 CZECH REP. 6 SLOVENIA Skoda Octavia 2 SLOVAKIA Skoda Octavia GERMANY VW Golf Renault Clio IRELAND UK Peugeot 3006 Ford Fiesta 5 Ford Focus POLAND Skoda Fabia 7 SWITZERLAND VW Golf 8 AUSTRIA VW Golf BELGIUM vW Golf KAZAKHSTAN UKRAINE Uz-Daewoo Nexia ZAZ Lanos 3 SERBIA Fiat Punto 4 DENMARK Hyundai i30 FRANCE 19 ROMANIA NAFTA 9 HUNGARY Ford Focus O BOSNIA AND HERZ. Peugeot 207 Dacia Logan Ford 3 BULGARIA Ford Fiesta 2010 PRODUCTION AZERBAIJAN Lada 2105 ARMENIA Lada 2104/2105 3,960,731 SPAIN ITALY SOUTH KOREA Skoda Fabia USA Seat Ibiza Fiat Panda TURKEY Hyundai Grandeur PORTUGAL JAPAN Ford F-Series Renault Symbol Renault Megane CHINA Suzuki Wagon R VW Lavida MALTA Toyota Yaris SYRIA Kia Cerato Forte IRAN Saipa 100 Series AFGHANISTAN Tovota Corolla LEBANON TUNISIA Renaut Symbol "MOROCCO Kia Picanto IRAQ Dacia Logan Toyota Hilux PAKISTAN KUWAIT Toyota Camry QATAR Toyota Land Cruiser UAE Toyota Corolla ALGERIA AFRICAL 2010 PRODUCTION LIBYA Chevrolet Optra Renault Symbol EGYPT MEXICO VW Clasico BANGLADESH Toyota Corolla Hyundai Verna HONG KONG Toyota Noah VIETNAM Ka Morning LAOS Toycta Hilux SAUDI ARABIA INDIA Maruti Alto 281,783 CUBA Lada 2105 Toyota Camry Toyota Land Cruiser OMAN Toyota Yeris HAITI Ford Ranger JAMAICA MALI GUATEMALA NIGER Toyota Hilux THAILAND Toyota Hilux Toyota Yaris Sedan Toyota Corolla ERITREA YEMEN SENEGAL Toycta Hilux HONDURAS SUDAN Toyota Hilux Toyota Hilux ASIA 2010 PRODUCTION Mitsubishi L200 GAMBIA oyota Hilux NICARAGUA Toyota Hilux BURKINA FASO CAMBODIA Toyola Camry PHILIPPINES Mitsubishi L200 Toyota Hilux Toyota Vios NIGERIA Toyota Corolla 25,101,559 PANAMA Tayota Hilux VENEZUELA SIERRA LEONE Ford Ranger ETHIOPIA CENTRAL AFRICAN REP Toyota Hilux Chevrolet Ave0 Toyota Hilux Toyota Heux GHANA Mitsubishi Pajero SOMALIA Toyota Land Cnuiser 70 CAMEROON Toyota Hilux GABON CONGO (D.R) Toyota Hilux Toyota Hilux CONGO Toyota Hilux COLOMBIA MALAYSIA UGANDA SOUTH AMERICA 2010 PRODUCTION Chevrolet Aveo Proton Saga ECUADOR Chevrolet Aveo Toyola Corolla KENYA Toyota Carolla INDONESIA RWANDA Toyota Corclla 2,993,301 Toyota Avanza TANZANIA Toyota Corolla PERU BRAZIL VW Golf Toyata Co Toyota Yaris VOLKSWAGEN MALAWI ANGOLA GM Toyota Hilux Toyota Hilux MOZAMBIQUE Toyota Hilux 10.03% ZAMBIA FORD 10.68% Toyota Corolla ZIMBABWE 7.74% NAMIBIA MADAGASCAR Mitsubishi L200 Toyola Corólla Toyota Hilux BOTSWANA TOYOTA PARAGUAY Chevrolet Clas sic HYUNDAI Toyota Hilux AUSTRALIA 2010 PRODUCTION 11.96% 7.68% AUSTRALIA Holden Commodore CHILE Hyndai Accent 188,158 SOUTH AFRICA Toyota Hilux WORLD MOTOR VEHICLE PRODUCTION TOP 10 MANUFACTURERS, 2009 PSA 5.03% URUGUAY Chevrolet Classic HONDA ARGENTINA 4.98% WW Gof NISSAN 4.54% OTHERS FIAT 4.07% SUZUKI 3.95% NEW ZEALAND Toyota Hilux Ford all other car makes no data HYUNARI TOYOTA RENAULT MITSUBISHI PEUGEOT AlL information is taken from the most recent data available, no later than 2010. When hard data available, winners have been selected by researching hours of video and photos from the region. Sources: BENIN LIBERIA Tovota Hilux Toyola Corola EL SALVADOR Toyota Hilux by country The World's Top Selling Cars

World's Most Popular Cars by Country

shared by richstein on Jul 20
This infographic will show you which make and model is popular in each country around the world. You will find what car manufacturer reigns supreme and has the largest share. Enjoy!


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