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The World's Fastest Roads

THE WORLD'S FASTEST ROADS MOST OF THE WORLD'S FASTEST ROADS ARE LOCATED IN INDIA UNITED STATES GERMANY AUSTRALIA POLAND 9. 10 18 The average number of DRIVERS KILLED in accidents per 100,000 PEOPLE each year THE WORLD HAS A NEED FOR SPEED 1/3 NEARLY OF ALL FATAL ACCIDENTS are related to SPEEDING A LOOK AT THE FASTEST ROADS ON THE PLANET #1 GERMANÝ THE AUTOBAHN 7,500 MILES LONG of the Autobahn SPEED LIMIT 65% HAS NO SPEED LIMIT ?? has speed limits from 35% 50 - 80 mph 67% OF ALL ROAD DEATHS IN GERMANY occur on roads WITHOUT SPEED LIMITS #2 TEXAS ŠTATE HIGHWAY 130 UNITED STATES 40 MILES LONG SPEED Despite its high speed limit, LIMIT very few accidents occur here due to the EXTREMELY LOW AMOUNT 85 OF DAILY TRAFFIC Most drivers AVOID 130 because of its HIGH TOLL RATES for state residents for out-of-state #3) THE AUTOSTRADA (A1) POLAND 93 MILES LONG Poland is home to some of the SPEED LIMIT MOST DANGEROUS ROADS IN EUROPE due to high speed limits, poor road signs, and a lack of traffic law enforcement Road Deaths per Million Citizens (per year) 110 DEATHS Poland has the 60 DEATHS HIGHEST NUMBER OF ROAD DEATHS in Europe, It's NEARLY DOUBLE POLAND the European average AVERAGE #4 AUSTRALIA STUART HIGHWAY 1,760 MILES LONG STUART HAD NO LEGAL SPEED SPEED LIMIT UNTIL LIMIT 80 Prior to setting the limit, drivers were only required to "drive at a safe speed to suit the conditions" Stuart Highway is located in Australia's NORTHERN TERRITORY 20 DEATHS 6 DEATHS The Northern 3X than the rest of the Territory has a ROAD DEATH RATE HIGHER country AVERAGE OF NORTHERN REMAINING TERRITORY TERRITORIES (deaths per 100,000 citizens) #5 ARIZONA ROUTE 79 UNITED STATES 39 MILES LONG Despite its reasonable speed limit, THE AVERAGE The FASTEST SPEED SPEED EVER RECORDED by LIMIT PERSON ON 79 DRIVES law enforcement was 75 87-90 mph 115 mph Arizona has a ROAD DEATH RATE of 1 DEATH every 11 HOURS #6 INDIA LLLALA SHEIKH ZAYED HIGHWAY 347 MILES LONG SPEED The speed was recently reduced from 74 to LIMIT 68 mph due to a national initiative 68 to REDUCE ROAD FATALITIES TO ZERO by 2020 On Sheikh Zayed in 2012: 123 WERE KILLED WERE 171 SEVERELY DRIVERS INJURED DRIVERS LIPony Parts PULITZER CENTER FOR CRISIS REPORTING NHTSA | FORBES | USA TODAY

The World's Fastest Roads

shared by ShaneJones on Apr 01
Need for Speed just recently hit theaters. In true Need for Speed spirit, we wanted to find the world's fastest roads and see just how fast people are driving around the globe. We looked at the speed...


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