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Women Drive Better

GOLDEN TOWING WOMEN DRIVE BETTER! O What we believe? Young People - (18-24 years old) Adults 43% believe men 24% believe women. are better are better 29% believe women 38% believe men are are better better O Now the facts: Women 27% less likely than men are to cause a car accident 2007 car accidents statistics 6.1 million car accidents Men were involved in Women were involved in 1.4 million car accidents Crashes Mile Ratio: Age 16-19 Age 20-29 Men - 4,257 Crashes, 46,427,394,010 Miles, Ratio 9.2 Men - 8,949 crashes, 225,999,581,860 Miles, Ratio 4 Women -1,852 Crashes, 35,264,476,105 Miles, Ratio 5.3 Women - 3,172 Crashes, 156,283,683,955 Miles, Ratio 2 OWomen Pay less for Insurance Women Men average payment for 6 month average payment for 6 month $698 $765 O What the police say? In car violations men scored 0% higher Reckless driving ratio between men and women: 3.41 DUI (Driving under the Influence) Ratio between men and women: 3.09 3.08 :1.75 Seatbelt violations ratio between men and women: Speeding ratio between men and women: GOL DEN Although Women drive better at Golden Towing we are TOWING ready to tow also the men (: Resources i ii ii iv

Women Drive Better

shared by eyalfatran on Jan 08
Most people are sure that men drive better then women but the truth is different. Golden Towing has gathered some interesting facts.




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