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Why You Should Cycle To Work In 2016

WHY YOU SHOULD CYCLE TO WORK IN 2016 Of all pollution comes from traffic Cycling this distance each way to work would save 1500 kg of greenhouse Is the same 80% 6 miles size as gas emissions each year. 20 bikes, resulting in less need for 1 car Environment car parks 142g x15 Passengers in cars are exposed to air pollution up to 15 times greater than cyclists Of fuel C02 emissions per car passenger / 59g for public transport and just 10g for cyclist (from food) 20 miles Cycling burns 600 of cycling a week can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50% calories an hour HEALTHY Breathe 60% less Air pollution to blame for carbon monoxide 60,000 than a driver early deaths per year Combating noise pollution Fitness from cycling leads to an improvement of up to Cyclists, on average, live 6 months 15% longer than non-cyclists in mental tests 18% Cycling to work raises an employee's productivity by an average of 15 % reduction in sick time for cyclists NHS spends £15 billion on air pollution illnesses £3500 a year on average to own a car £220 for an electric bike Cycling to work can be 50% faster than driving 762,334 commute to work by bike every day in England and Wales The Government plan to spend 4OTM to improve cyclist safety 3.1 million people ride a bike each month 14,000 miles. The UK cycle network is now long 3rd Cycling is the T U most popular outdoor activity in the UK With a cycle to work scheme you can save up to +2 O and pay monthly 42%. 100%, natural EÇO farm fresh special thanks to Green Commute Inițiative MEDIA STREET" axcess electric-bikes-

Why You Should Cycle To Work In 2016

shared by axcessbikes on Apr 03
A detailed infographic with article including interesting facts about cycling and why cycling to work in 2016 is the way forward.


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