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Why hiring a Campervan is the best way to explore Australia

Why hiring a CAMPERVAN is the best way to explore ASRLA .. .... ... What is a Campervan? 02 SHOWER FACILITIES You may also find toilet and shower facilities if the vehicle is big enough, but these are often reserved for larger motor homes. 03 EXPERIENCE A great way to experience Australia is seeing the country in a campervan. It is an excellent way to discover the country, and a lot of campers and explorers agree. 01 04 A UTILITY-SIZED VAN STATISTICS Campervans are typically utility-sized vans that are outfitted with the basic essentials for you to be self-sufficient, such as beds, sinks, crockery, cooking facilities, and a fridge. In fact, there are 54,101 campervans on Australian roads... among the 17,180,596 registered vehicles in 2013. That's a 21% increase from the numbers in 2008. YOYOYOYOO Why is that so? FREEDOM This is one huge factor traditional lodging lacks. Being out on the open road and seeing all of the beautiful countryside is an experience much more worthy than that of sitting poolside at a spa resort. You can explore the open road. Families love the liberty of being on the open road since they can stop anywhere for breaks and scenic shots. There is no need to worry about check in or out times. There is no pressure to arrive at any destination. YA ECONOMICAL There is no limitation There is less money spent on hiring a campervan than staying in a hotel which means that visitors 2$ on transportation and plans can be changed at any time. can spend a long time discovering the hidden treasures of Australia. COST- EFFECTIVE CONVENIENT With campervans, you can With a campervan, it is easier to get to various destinations. There is no need to wait for public transportation. This allows travelers to easily access some of the greatest attractions and landmarks in the country. merge your accommodation as well as your transport, along with a kitchen to enjoy the neighboring produce. Planning Your Route and ltinerary II || II || II II Australia is a huge country with varying climate and road conditions. Some stretches of road, involve huge expanses where there is absolutely nothing-no petrol stations, no food, no services, no power, no mobile reception, and no water. Some campervan rental companies will not allow you to travel on these roads at all, and even if you are allowed, you must be well prepared. Be wise about how long you plan your Australian road trip to be. Unlike Europe-where you can drive for a few hours and end up in a different country-in Australia you can drive for days between cities. It is best to allow more time than you expect you will need. Take into consideration the weather, the terrain, the distance and the length of stay when you are planning out your trip. A WEATHER RADIO will be a great need when out in the open. You may not have a satellite signal for a radio or television to receive weather. Some realities you need to prepare tor. for.. Campervan travels in Australia don't come without disadvantages. The best way to maximize its benefits and avoid its downside is to plan ahead. SECURITY ISSUES You need to be concerned about where you park and the risk of property theft/damage. There is no neighborhood watch with campervans; in fact you might get kids of residents scratching your vehicle . LIVABILITY CONCERNS It's hard to imagine staying in a campervan for long periods of time. The sleeping space might be a bit cramped and you might find it hard to relax at night without going to a club or pub. PARKING You cannot camp inside city limits, or at the side of the road, and sometimes even rest areas are off-limits for overnight stays. So stay clear of those areas unless you are prepared for a knock on the window at 3 a.m. by a police officer telling you to move along-or worse yet waking up to a ticket. You will often have to pay to park your wheels for the night. You can also go to caravan parks and campgrounds and meet other travelers. PERSONAL HYGIENE Most campervans have no toilet or shower. Having these options reduces road flexibility, but there are public and commercial facilities if you know where they are. МOBILITY This is a concern if you would like to stay in a specific location for a prolonged period. Neighbors and locals start to notice you, and you attract negative attention. Tips for Renting a Campervan in Australia M Most campervans have manual transmission. Be prepared to drive standard. You drive on the left-hand side of the road in Australia. You usually have to be at least 21 years old to rent a campervan. M Check with your rental company to ensure they have a drop off location at your desired final stop and confirm if there are any extra fees to do this. Call the rental company in advance to check if they are open for pick-ups or drop offs during weekends. M Insurance charges vary from company to company; some have mandatory charges while others do not. Advise the rental company regarding your desired itinerary. They should be able to fit you with a vehicle that is appropriate for your planned route and time of year. Presented Bys A campervanfinder CAMPERVAN HIRE AUSTRALIA

Why hiring a Campervan is the best way to explore Australia

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What is a campervan? A camper is your own mobile home that is fitted with the essentials such as sinks, grills, fridges, cutlery and beds. They are sometimes even equipped with TVs and DVD players for...


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