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Who's the better driver? Battle of the sexes

Who's| Battle The Of The Better Driver? Sexes. For aeons, a war has been fought. Not for land, love or for power, but for superiority that transcends those boundaries. Today we will decide, once and for all, whether boys are better, or if the ladies should be lauded. 3 tests, 1 winner. Boys vs Girls. Round One Driving Test The - There were 1,605,599 driving tests conducted in the UK in 2011. From these tests, 744,058 passed. Male Tests: 772,551 Passed: 383,417 Female Tests: 833,040 Passed: 360,639 49.6% 43.3% Winner! Loser! Unlucky ladies, the boys have won the first round! But don't let them boast too much, you still have two more rounds to fight for... Round Two Parking Test The Car park operator NCP analysed 2500 drivers attempting to park. The following tests provided an overall score with a maximum mark of 20. Female Space Finding Speed 92% Will "Shuffle" Car 56% Central End Position 56% Speed of Manoeuvre 21 Seconds Score: Winner! 13.4 Male Space Finding Speed 64% Will "Shuffle" Car 29% Central End Position 25% Speed of Manoeuvre 16 Seconds Score: Loser! 12.3 The girls win their first round and we are all even with the score tied at 1-1. Feeling nervous yet boys? Round Three Tie Breaker! The IIHS analysed car accident data. These results show the number of serious crashes per 100 million miles driven... Male Crash Involvements: 33,733 Miles: 1,324,373,970,682 Female Crash Involvements: 14,633 Miles: 847,734,931,097 2.5 1.7 Loser! Winner! And The Winner Is... It was a close battle, but there could only be one winner. Well done ladies, your cool calm approach has paid off. Boys, looks like it's your turn to mop up after the party. BUT WAIT! Let's Put This In Perspective... There are more females in the UK population, but fewer of them drive 2 Ladies also drive far less miles per year The UK Population Male Female 30,643,000 31,618,000 Total Number Of Drivers: 36,535,724 Male 20,119,320 Female 16,416,404 Average Miles Driven (per year) 10905 08228 Although the ladies have won this time, the fact that they drive less than their male counterparts makes the test unfair right? We'll leave that for you to decide! 'Til next time... creditplus SOURCES DVLA via You Win!

Who's the better driver? Battle of the sexes

shared by Sean11 on May 29
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In the battle of the sexes who is better at driving boys or girls? the 3 tests we have used will give us the definitive answer.




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