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The White Van Man

THE WHITE VAN MΑΝ We see them every day across the country, but what do we really know about the driving habits of white van man? TOTAL VANS For every ten vehicles you see on our roads, more than four of them are vans Vans account for 44.9% of all traffic in the UK 4 million + 28 times Figures reveal the number of vans on UK roads has passed If you parked all the vans in the UK end-to-end, they would stretch 28 times the length of the A1! 4 million for the first time. MOST VAN POPULAR COLOURS More than half of the UK's vans are white - but other colours are also popular 11.4% 22.6% Silver Other 9% 57% Blue White MOST POPULAR WHITE VAN PROFESSIONS -838- Builder Delivery driver Shopkeeper Electrician Handyman DISTANCES Vans account for 45 billion of the UK's total 61 billion miles driven by commercial vehicles each year TOTAL VAN MILES COVERED (BILLIONS) 10 20 30 40 50 60 TOTAL COMMERCIAL VEHICLE MILES COVERED (BILLIONS) VAN SAFETY White van drivers' safety records might surprise you - 2/3 have never even made an insurance claim Total UK accidents 由 由 由 White van accidents (just under 15% of all accidents) 20,916 road accidents 68% of white van drivers involving vans and lorries occured in the UK in 2015 (out of a 140,000 recorded total) have no insurance claims. VAN LOVE BUSY More than one in 20 owners of white vans confessed to enjoying a romantic encounter inside their vehicle. A WORLD WITHOUT WHITE VAN MEN What would happen if all the UK's van drivers went on strike/didn't exist? Important medicine as well as organ and Moving house would become significantly Massive delays in Breakdown cover package deliveries across the country. would grind to a halt, resulting in blood deliveries more difficult.. would be delayed to thousands of resulting in many, hospitals. stranded motorists many car trips back across the country. and forth! SOURCES

The White Van Man

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They're a staple of the UK's road network but, for many, they are seen as a bit of a nuisance. However, is this really a fair view of a road user which not only delivers many vital necessities to cons...






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