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Which Tyre do you Need?

WHICH TYRE DO YOU NEED? YES NO Do you drive a BMW or a Mini? How often do you change your tyres? When I have to Twice a year Do you drive over 30,000 miles a year? |Is this due to Mileage or Seasonal Change? NO YES MILEAGE SEASONAL Is the majority of your driving on Motorways? YES Does Road Noise bother NO Are you looking to reduce the amount you change them? you whilst driving? YES NO YES T ON Do you go on a lot of country roads? NO YES Do you agree with this statement: Do you own a 4x4 or Go off road a lot? “Buy cheap, buy twice"? NO YES NO YES RUN-FLAT PREMIUM ECONOMY MIDRANGE WINTER ALL TERRAIN ALL SEASON TYRES TYRES TYRES TYRES TYRES TYRES TYRES RUN-FLAT TYRES + Positives Negatives • Makes the car lighter • Better Fuel Efficiency • Better Balance • A more dynamic drive • 1/3rd more expensive • Cost does not match performance • Wear out quicker than regular tyres £47 - £384 per tyre PREMIUM TYRES + Positives • Safety • Mileage over 3 times as far as • Benefit from latest technology & research • High Quality • Can help improved fuel economy tyres, at 60,000 miles before worn out • Reduced Road Noise • Long Term Cost economy and reduce emissions • Improved braking at on average under 15.6m better than economy tyres Negatives £63 - £720 per tyre • Short term cost high ECONOMY TYRES +Positives Negatives • False economy as cost of replacing tyres may increase past the cost of a mid-range tyre and even premium tyre • Poor Performance • Cheap in the short term £25 - £120 per tyre MIDRANGE TYRES Positives Negatives • Good Quality • Cheap Price • Decent Life Span • Good R&D • Higher Noise Levels than Premium • Don't last as long as premium £63 - £720 per tyre WINTER TYRES +Positives Negatives • Far safer • Better breaking • Performance maintained • Function better under 7°, may not be ideal for summer • Could wear fast in summer months £33 - £471 per tyre ALL TERRAIN TYRES + Positives O Negatives • Ideal for 4x4 • Better grip on all terrains such as mud and snow • Tend to be louder on regular roads • Same wear as continental tyres • Good on all terrain surfaces £63 - £720 per tyre ALL SEASON TYRES + Positives Negatives • Compromise between • Cost • Easier for people who aren't hands on • Decent performance all Summer and Winter year around £63 - £720 per tyre cickon tyres CO-UK We're driven to save you more reamstime

Which Tyre do you Need?

shared by Dhellowell on Jun 23
A decision tree aimed at novice tyre-buyers. Whether you need something to just get you from A-B or require a high-performance premium tyre, there are various factors to consider before making a purchase.


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