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What's It like to fly on a private jet

FLYING PRIVATE The Difference Between Private Jet Classes Each class has a variety of characteristics that convey its strengths for each and every flight itinerary. Talon Air owns and operates a vertically integrated fleet of helicopters, turboprop, light, midsize, super midsize, heavy and ultra-long-range private aircraft. So, what's the difference between them? TALON AIR TALON AIR'S FLEET FEATURES SIX TYPES OF PRIVATE AIRCRAFT Helicopters (Sikorsky S76) 4% Light Jets (Hawker 400XP & Beechjet 400A) 7% Midsize Jets 11% Hawker 800XP Heavy Jets 21% Gulfstream V. Gulfstream IVSP. Challenger 601 Turboprop Planes 25% King Air 350i, King Air 300, King Air B200, Amphibious Caravan Super-Midsize Jets 29% Hawker 4000 & Challenger 300 TALON AIR'S FLEET FEATURES SIX TYPES OF PRIVATE AIRCRAFT Super-Midsize Jets Super-midsize jets blend the efficiency of a midsize aircraft with the greater 0000000 range and speed that heavy jets are known for, making them suitable for country-spanning or international flights. Turboprop Planes The turboprop engine's efficiency lends itself to lower fuel costs, the ability to fly at higher altitudes and the capability to perform better on shorter runways (allowing the fine-tuning of one's itinerary to include landing strips that other jets would not be able to utilize.) Heavy Jets Talon's elite class of heavy jets feature ample cabin space and state-of-the-art amenities with ultra long-range capabilities. Midsize Jets Midsize private aircraft merge the flight distance, speed and comfort of larger jets with a more energy-conscious fuel consumption rate. Light Jets As the entry-level jet class of the private charter industry, light jets provide an economical choice for short to mid-range trips. Helicopters A helicopter's ability to take off and land vertically allows them to be employed in congested or isolated areas where jets would not be able to operate. FACTORS TO CONSIDER WHEN CHOOSINGA CHARTER AIRCRAFT Talon Air's diverse fleet allows clientele to choose the appropriate aircraft for the appropriate mission. Amenities Passenger Count This bestows the utmost in airborne trimmings. This denotes the capacity to fly a sizable team of with in-flight internet access, flight phone. staff or group of family members - all for one by-the-hour price. electronic entertainment systems, enclosed lavatories and full service galleys. Accessibility Range This provides the ability to take off and land at This presents the capability to reach a faraway airports off the beaten path in order to bypass end-destination without the need to refuel. major international hubs and provide faster access to end-destinations. ..... WHY CHOOSE TO FLY PRIVATE? Are you aware that the U.S. makes up 49.7% of the world market for private jets? This large share of the market is made possible by travelers who desire air travel that provides more than just transportation from point A to point B. Presenting clientele with more is a distinct benefit of traveling with Talon Air. Traveling with Talon Air means... ..flying on the most meticulously maintained and equipped aircraft in the private jet industry. .flying with the convenience and peace of mind knowing that Talon's concierge team has arranged all aspects fyour trip. .flying with full-time pilots who have been vetted for their experience, background, and dedication to safety and customer service. flying with a company that holds the highest safety ratings of ARG/US Platinum, Wyvern Wingman and IS-BAO Stage II Certification. Business RATE ATINUM Candard for LARG/uSE IS-BAO PROUD WYVERN WINGMAN Talon Air, Inc. bac A COMPANY IS ONLY AS STRONG AS ITS INDIVIDUAL PARTS Talon owes its success to the painstakingly crafted client experience made possible by each facet of its business. Extravagance, customer care and seamless operation intermingle for absolute satisfaction. Talon's Fleet Talon's Proud Employees Talon Air's private aircraft are equipped with Ownership and operational control of the finest fleet of luxury aircraft enables Talon to be at the operational helm of maintenance, the most advanced avionics and entertainment technology available today. personnel, safety and accountability. Talon's Owner/Operator Status Talon's Fleet Facility Ownership and operational control of the finest fleet of luxury aircraft enables Talon to Talon Air, Inc. operates out of a brand new 100,000 sq ft hangar and office complex be at the operational helm of maintenance, on Long Island with satellite bases located personnel, safety and accountability. in Bedford. MA and Stuart. FL. THE ADVANTAGES OF CHOOSING TALON AIR'S ELITE FLEET Talon's reputation as the most convenient, accommodating and expedient luxury aircraft service wasn't earned by hearsay alone. Talon's diverse fleet of carefully inspected, safe, sturdy and speedy aircraft, provide the means to meet the scope of any itinerary, with zero geographical limitations or boundaries. Talon's young aircraft are an average of only 3 years old. Talon is an owner and operator, meaning they have vertical responsibility, access to overflight permits. guaranteed availability. and stable, all-inclusive pricing. Talon's included concierge service acts as an extension of client's own personal assistants. Talon has the most diverse fleet of Wi-Fi equipped private aircraft in the world including all classes of jets. a Sikorsky helicopter and turboprop aircraft, some of which boast amphibious capabilities. The fleet always has "on-demand" aircraft on standby. Talon Air is a distinguished leader in 1.631.753.8881 private aviation, offering our exclusive clientele the highest level of safety. sophistication and convenience. 1.888.TALON.AIR TALON AIR,INC. Interna rations

What's It like to fly on a private jet

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What are the differences of private jet charter, the types of jets available, why people fly private, and why choose one jet over another.




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