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WHAT TYPE OF LONDON TRAVELLER ĀRE YOU? Southern Railway has released statistics highlighting Londoners' train travel habits, from their need to escape London, to travel etiquette and their level of train travel savviness. TAKE A LOOK AT THE PROFILES BELOW TO DISCOVER WHAT TYPE OF LONDON YOUR LONDON TRAIN TRAIN TRAVELLER YOU ARE TRAVEL KNOWLEDGE: SAVVY OR SHABBY? AND HOW SOUTHERN RAILWAY CAN HELP YOU BECOME A CAPITAL KNOW-IT-ALL iП BRE ERI On average, Londoners spend over 3 hours LONDON TRAIN HABITS a week on the train. 18% have 20% sked someone 52'E HOURS 20% have read listening to loud Common train travel mistake: Getting off at the wrong station someone else's texts or emails on public transport. music to turn it down. 28% of travellers feel train savy. But chivalry remains 48% alive and well.- of Londoners happily give their seat to those less able. A 22% First time Londoners are half (12%): as likely as long term Londoners (23%) to take the train across London, believing it too complicated vs. other forms of transport. Ex-pats living in London are much more likely to board the wrong train than those who have moved to live and work in the capital from the rest of the ÚK. 37% 23% What's more, whilst 45% of Londoners use their local train station at least once a week, just 49% know which train companies Ex-pats use the train less frequently, finding it more complicated than other forms of public transport. operate there. 35% vs 13% Common train travel mistake: Accidently getting on the wrong train. 13% People living in London for less than two years are twice as likely to buy the wrong train ticket than those who've lived GETTING OUT OF THE HUSTLE AND BUSTLE OF THE CAPITAL However, nearly a fifth feel they could be savvy train travellers with the right information. in the capital for longer. 23 6.6% 1in 5 feel the need to 39% Top destinations? The coastline (55%), historic landmarks and countryside (43%). 17% escape London every weekend (The figure is 1 in 4 for ex-pats). Common train travel mistake: Falling asleep on a train and missing their stop. A third tend to use the train as their main method for a The top reasons for train travel include convenience (42%), being able to read (29%) and no traffic worries (32%). 23% 18% weekend trip, more than car and bus/coach. See below to find out what type of London train traveller you are and how you can imprové your train travel knowledge with Southern Railway. 1 in 10 enjoy a quick nap during their journey. A third of those with families see train trips as a key element of a good day out. WHAT TYPE OF LONDONER ARE YOU? CAPITAL KNOW-IT-ALL COMPETENT CRUISER DRIFTING DWELLER RAIL RESISTER DO YOU: Always look online to buy your tickets in advance and for the best DO YOU: Feel most comfortable using the same train journey all the time. DO YOU: Sometimes buy the wrong ticket and even sometimes get on the wrong train. DO YOU: Mostly avoid train travel, opting rather for the bus or walking. possible prices. Think that you can't get to many parts of London by train. Understand the difference between Always check out your route options to get there in the quickest time. Rarely check train times ahead of travelling. peak and off-peak tickets. Know that you can use overland trains to get around many parts of London. Mostly check out train times ahead of turning up at the station. Often end up paying more for your ticket than you really should have. Wish you have more inspiration or confidence to try new travel routes or methods of transport. IF THIS IS YOU: IF THIS IS YOU: IF THIS IS YOU: IF THIS IS YOU: Check out Check out Southern's destination planner to get inspiration for your next train travel adventure: Check out Southern's Top 10 travel tips to help get you started on your journey to becoming a savvy traveller: Add destination-guide plan-my-journey ticket-types top-10-travel-tips to your internet favourites to check out the best tickets and train times on Southern's network. to understand the different types of tickets Southern has to offer. SOUTH ERN The research for Southern Railway was carried out onlíne by OnePoll between 07.10.12 and 26.10.12 amongst a panel resulting in 1,000 people living in a London borough between the ages of 18 - 40 years old. ----


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Do you know what type of London traveller you are? Are you train savvy or shabby?


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