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What Kind of a Driver Are You?

WHAT KIND OF A DRIVER ARE YOU? START HERE Yes You need to drive for half a mile in a country road, do you wear a seatbelt? No No And in the city? Would you say you spend more time in the slow lane or the fast lane? Do you often daydream while you drive? Slow No No You get pulled over, do you admit? Are you a known criminal? Yes Fast Yes Yes No Yes Is it because of the cops? Yes Do you send text messages while driving? Do you often miss exits? Yes No Yes No No No ----.-- Do you feel that you annoy other drivers? Is it because you don't trust other drivers? No Are you a Robot? It's snowing outside and you crave a snickers bar. Do you drive? Yes Yes Yes No No Do you feel like everyone is out to get you? No Yes Paranoid Driver Day Dreamer Driver Best Driver "Just don't get in trouble", Driver Criminal Driver Reasonable Driver You probably plan your rout ahead, and freak out from any road construction sign. Drivers passing you by prob- ably make you skip a heart bit as well. You probably have Austin Towing's number already You know that you're not alone out there, but you don't think anyone is out to get you personally. Nevertheless you should be more prepared for the unexpected. Better Save Austin Towing's You, and only you, should be allowed on the road. Unfortu- Hey! Are you paying atten- tion? Don't dream while you drive or you'll find your self parking in the subway station. Better save Austin nately, you're not alone out there so you might want to save Austin Towing's number. You don't really care about the law, but you definitely don't want to get caught. And you won't do anything too risky too. Better save Austin Towing's number, just in case... When no one is looking, you race your way to the next crime/crave, usually finding your-self on the side of the road because of some road- Towing's number just in side emergency. Better have Austin Towing's number. case Austin Tel :(512) 772-5480 / Towing

What Kind of a Driver Are You?

shared by orihorvitz on Feb 18
This infographic will help you better understand the type of driver you are. follow the chart to see if you're paranoid, amazing, daydreamer and more.




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