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What If Every Car Was Electric?

EVERY CAR WAS What if... ELECTRIC? ---*------. When it comes to powering a car, electricity works out much cheaper than petrol or diesel - but just how much could be saved? This infographic compares electric and conventional cars to gauge the financial impact of using both sorts of fuel -THE NUMBER OF CARS ON THE ROAD Changing every car in the world over to electric power would be a huge task given the number of cars on the road... 015.0000 31,362,716 Number of cars on Number of cars on the road in the world the road in the UK However, these numbers can help figure out the savings if every one of them was electric. FUEL PETROL ELECTRIC Calculation for a single electric car (Nissan Leaf) Calculation for a single petrol car The worldwide average 52.5 MPG 22 KWH kWh per 100 miles fuel consumption is Average number of miles driven per year 8,430 8,430 Average number of miles driven per year Average fuel cost per litre £1.42 £0.1439 Average cost per kWh KWH PER CAR PER YEAR 1854.6 '160 The average number of 160 gallons used per year If every car was electric. 295.050,000,028 gallons could be saved per year. What would the tax savings be? .................. TOTAL COST OF ELECTRICITY USED TOTAL EXTRA TAX EARNED WORLDWIDE BY UK GOVERNMENT The UK government would still gain tax on all the electricity used. UK £8,369,985,676 £418,499,283 £270,880,094, 100 INSURANCE The average car insurance per person As well as making savings on annual fuel costs, drivers of 'green' cars also benefit from cheaper car insurance deals. £478 A 5% saving would save Green-car users can save up to 5% on their insurance. £23 What impact would this saving have? TAX LOST BY UK CONGESTION CHARGE UK SAVINGS HORLDWIDE £749,568,912 £37,478,445.62 £24,258,500,000 ROAD TAX Green cars such as the Nissan Leaf are exempt from road tax, providing even more savings. TOTAL SAVING UK Average road tax amount = £155 £4,861,220,980 CO2 EMISSIONS PETROL ELECTRIC Average CO2 emissions per petrol car in 2011 Average CO2 emissions g / kWh 138.1G/ KM 521G 8,430 MILES OR 13,566.77 KILOMETRES Annual mileage = 13,770,271,550,000 KM 425,490,754,547 KM Km covered by all Km covered by all motorists worldwide motorists UK CO2 produced worldwide (petrol) Total emissions worldwide (electric) 1,901,674,501,055 KILOGRAMS 980,740,299,000 KILOGRAMS CO2 produced UK (petrol) Total emissions UK (electric) 58,760,273,203 KILOGRAMS 30,304,117,702 KILOGRAMS SAVING 50% OF ALL EMISSIONS CONGESTION CHARGE The congestion charge in London raises money to pump back into public transport. The Nissan Leaf qualifies for a 100% discount, and can enter the city for free. If every car was electric... Estimated money raised each year by the congestion charge £130,000,000 The government wouldn't raise a penny. -TAX LOST BY UK GOVERNMENT Fuel Insurance Road tax 0310 13 £19,571,463,841 £37,478,445 £4,861,220,980 Total tax lost Congestion charges Tax on electricity earned %3D £130,000,000 £418,499,283 £24, 181,663,983 INDIVIDUAL SAVING Electric vehicles offer many savings, but the government will lose out. Total savings per year Fuel Insurance Road tax 0310 13 £773 £23 £155 £952 SOURCES Number Of Cars Worldwide Surpasses 1 Billion; Can The World Handle This Many Wheels? - New cars now 18% more fuel efficient than average car on the road - Fuel prices forcing drivers off road - Fuel price report November 2012 - Fuel Calculators - We're the fuel tax capital of Europe - Green Car Insurance - Car Insurance Premiums Monitor Congestion Charge - CO2 Report - How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Car? - Energy Saving Trust Calculations - TM MoneySupermarket com SAVINGS

What If Every Car Was Electric?

shared by Moneysupermarket on Jan 23
Governments around the developed world have been heavily incentivising the adoption of electric vehicles in recent years, due to the damage being caused to the environment by our current driving habit...


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