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What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

WHAT DOES YOUR CAR'S COLOUR2 Ever wondered what the colour of your car says about you? For most drivers, the answer is probably no. But car colour can reveal a lot about the person behind the wheel - from personality to driving style! SAY ABOUT YOU = WHITE Like an iPod – you are sleek, contemporary and desirable. Your chosen shade suggests you value organisation, and are keen to present a fresh, modern face to outsiders. 23% of European drivers own a white car BLACK You're intimidating, sophisticated and power hungry. Black cars connote authority, control and power - much like their owners, who regularly attend black-tie events. 47% Black cars are 47% more likely to be involved in an accident SILVER Silver paintwork suggests you're a calm and collected individual with an interest in innovation. Like you, silver is subtle yet self-confident, and shows you're Confident behind the wheel. Silver cars are 40% more likely to be stolen than red, green and brown cars GREY You seek practicality and refinement, whilst being content to blend in and go with the flow. Unlike other drivers, you are self-reliant and knowledgeable - favouring subtlety over extravagance. Grey is the most popular car colour in the world RED Contrary to popular belief, red cars don't cost more to insure You're a passionate go-getter with a penchant for power and performance. Red is the universal shade of sportiness, and indicates you like to flex your muscles on the open road. The popularity of blue cars is in - in 2014, only 13% of cars on the road were blue BLUE Like blue sky on a summer's day - you're a callm and T. Blue is considered a serene, tranquil shade, making it perfect for family vehicles. BROWN Current styles, trends and fads mean little to the brown car driver. Your car is a permanent, everlasting fixture that you'll drive until its sad demise. #2 > After silver, brown is the most desirable #1 car colour among women YELLOW Own a yellow car? Your life mantra is probably "don't worry, be happy". Yellow is a happy-go-lucky colour that radiates positivity and joy even when you're stuck in traffic. Thanks to their brightness, yellow cars are 15% safer than darker-coloured vehicles 15% - which are often SAFER less visible on the road GREEN You're environmentally-minded and care little about conforming to current colour trends. Green cars are linked to nature and free-spiritedness, and their drivers wouldn't mind being labelled as "kooky". Just 2% of European drivers own a green car ORANGE You're an eccentric, bold individual - hell-bent on standing out from the crowd. Orange paintwork is often a costly extra, indicating you like to splash the cash in the name Orange is the 2nd most popular #2 of style. SECOND PLACE car colour among men Whatever the colour, Simoniz products will give your car lasting protection and a brilliant shine. Find out more at: MOTOR WISE USE SIMONIZ References:

What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

shared by nadiabanc on Jul 27
Are you a cool-headed driver of a blue car? Or a driven go-getter with a red motor to match? The colour that you choose for your car can say a lot about you! This fun infographic runs through popular ...




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