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A Visual History of the TSA and Airline Terror

A VISUAL HISTORY OF THE TSA AND AIRLINE TERROR Even before September 11th 44% of American airline passengers reported they “felt fearful" when flying. How has September 11th changed airport security? What other attacks have happened? Did these attacks stop people from flying? Take a look at our recent history with airline terror, and see how we got to backscatter X-ray machines and enhanced pat-downs. TSA 2011 BUDGET BREAKDOWN TOTAL BUDGET: -$8.1 billion Checkpoint Screening Capital Fund Security Fund & Credentialing Transportation Threat Assessment Aviation Aviation Security Federal Air Transportation Security Support Security Marshals & Intelligence $164M 2% $250M $250M 4% The TSA employs around 45,000 screeners. $4,809 Million 71% $524M 8% $767M 11% MONTHLY THE FIRST REPORTED AIRCRAFT HIJACKING WAS IN DECEMBER 1959 WHEN A PLANE WAS HIJACKED WITH THE INTENTION OF AN AIRLINE BOMBING IN A REVOLT AGAINST THE BRAZILIAN PRESIDENT PASSENGER MILES 20M 40M 60M 80M JAN FEB THE REVOLT FADED AND THE PLANE LANDED INTACT 96, MAR APR MAY 1 KILLED JUN JUL JULY 9TH, 1997 AUG SEP от NOV DEC JAN '97 FEB Fokker 100 MAR APR A bomb exploded, killing the nearest passenger but no others. MAY JUN JUL AUG SEF ост NOV DEC SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2001 2,819 KILLED JAN FEB 86, MAR APR MAY JUN AUG SEP ост NOV DEC JAN FEB 66, MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP ост NOV Boeing 767 Boeing 767 Boeing 757 Boeing 757 DEC JAN '0: CRASHED IN NORTH TOWER SOUTH TowER PENTAGON FEB PENNSYLVANIA MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG November, 2001 December 22nd, 2001 O KILLED SEP "The Shoe- ост TSA takes over from private contractors to perform screening in US airports. NOV bomber" Richard DEC Reid attempted to light explosives in his shoes, but was subdued by pas- JAN FEB 10, MAR Boeing 767 APR MAY December 22, 2001 sengers and crew. He was sentenced to life in prison. JUN JUL TSA requires all travelers to remove shoes for x-ray following Richard Reid's attempted shoe bombing. AUG SEP ост NOV MAY 7TH, 2002 112 KILLED DEC JAN FEB '02 MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG MD-82 SEP ост NOV As the plane neared it's destination a fire was reported onboard. The plane shortly crashed into the sea. Investigators concluded smuggled bottles of gasoline were set afire in an apparent suicide for insurance. DEC JAN '03 FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL September, 2004 AUG SEP TSA bans all visitors from passing security checkpoints. ост NOV DEC JAN '04 FEB October 22, 2004 MAR APR MAY TSA takes over security threat assessments on non-U.S. citizens seeking flight school training JUN AUGUST 24, 2004 43 KILLED JUL AUG SEP November 17, 2004 ост TSA launches prototype phase of biometric ID card for NOV DEC '05 JAN transportation workers. Tu-134 FEB MAR APR MAY February 28, 2005 JUN JUL TSA adds lighters to items prohibited beyond airport checkpoints 46 KILLED AUG SEP от NOV March 25, 2005 DEC JAN FEB '06 TSA deploys additional explosives trace portals at Miami, San Francisco, Phoenix, Boston and Los Angeles airports. Tu-154 MAR APR MAY JUN JUL Two terror attacks on Russia, 26 minutes after takeoff the Tu-134 was seen exploding. Minutes later a Tu-154 reportedly broadcast a hijack and then crashed. A group called Islambouli Brigade claimed responsibility. AUG August 3, 2006 SEP TSA survey results show significant increase in employee job satisfaction ост NOV DEC JAN FEB '07 MAR August, 2006 APR MAY MARCH 7TH, 2008 O KILLED TSA implements "no liquids" ban on US aircraft. JUN A female passenger smuggled gasoline onboard hidden in JUL AUG SEP September, 2006 TSA eases liquids ban, allowing up to 3oz. of liquids in a seperate plastic bag. ост soda cans. She is discovered in the bathroom and subdued. NOV DEC Boeing 757 JAN FEB '08 MAR APR February 23, 2007 MAY TSA unveils backscatter technology at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport JUN JUL AUG SEP ост NOV DEC O KILLED A male passenger set off 80 grams December 25th, 2009 JAN FEB '09 June 7, 2010 MAR TSA announces 100% of APR of plastic explo- MAY passengers traveling within the US are now checked against terrorist watchlists. sive in his under- JUN JUL wear shortly after landing. The bomb malfunctioned and AUG Airbus A330 SEP ост August 2, 2010 NOV he was subdued. DEC TSA announces 100% of air cargo on domestic passenger aircraft is now screened. JAN FEB '10 MARCH 21ST, 2010 O KILLED MAR After landing crew APR MAY finds crude bomb JUN October 29, 2010 in cargo consisting of 15 gram fire- JUL AUG TSA launches "enhanced pat-down" techniques to outcries that it is an invasion of privacy cracked. Motive SEP ATR 72 undetermined. 20M 40M 60M 80M Now airline passengers are given a choice: "ENHANCED" PAT-DOWNS FULL-BODY SCANNERS A TSA officer of the same-sex will use the front of their hands to touch the passengers' inner thighs, buttocks, and breasts to search for bombs or other contraband. A TSA officer in another room will see essentially nude pictures of passengers to search for bombs or weapons. The TSA maintains that no images are stored, but images from the scanners used in a courthouse have surfaced on the internet. Sources: TSA Press Releases Infographic by Airplane and person icons not to scale.

A Visual History of the TSA and Airline Terror

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Even before September 11th, 44% of American airline passengers reported that they had a fear of terrorist attacks when flying. How has September 11th changed airport security?


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