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uShip - What's in the Mail?

You'd be surprised what shipping companies have to deal with. Check out this list of the weirdest things that have been shipped. What's in the mail? In 2006 the Georgia Aquarium received 4 Whale Sharks. Through UPS. The 2 male and 2 female sharks can grow up to 40 feet long and made their journey from Taiwan to Georgia with a short stop in Alaska. In 2010 FedEx shipped over 25,000 sea turtle eggs from Mexico to Florida to protect them from an oil spill. In 2009 FedEx shipped an Eagle from Panama to Belize. FedEx alone ships over 150,000 bouquets of flowers for Mother's Day. A Rhino, named Heidi, was once shipped from Switzerland to Dublin, Ireland to become a mother for an orphaned infant rhino. A Black Hawk helicopter weighing a massive 11,000 pounds was sent from the USA to Narita, Japan, safely tucked inside á shipping company's airplane – why didn't they just fly it? A part of the famoOus Titanic's hull (weighing 3,000 pounds) was shipped from Milan, Italy to Atlanta, Georgia, along with 90 tons of other artifacts on an international shipping company plane. A massive 504,000 bottles (630 tons) of 2004 Beaujolais Nouveau was shipped from France to Japan for wine lovers eager for the annual uncorking of the Nouveau. A shipment containing a jar of African Killer Bees once broke whilst being shipped, resulting in hospital treatment for the shipping company's employees. DAS A shipment of 400,000 daffodils was once delivered to Boston for the American Cancer Society, Daffodil Days event. A container filled with chemicals designed to erode concrete caused problems when it broke on concrete floors whilst being shipped by UPS. Weighing in at a staggering 440,000 pounds, uShip shipped 4 Caterpillar Pipelayers for $93,400.60 - the most costly shipping ever booked with the company! But a bargain for the industry! Why did the chicken cross the road? He didn't, uShip shipped him there! Covered on Episode 5 of Shipping Wars Season 2, uShip helped to ship 3 chicken coups safely over 221 miles. Another shipment featured on Shipping Wars Season Two, in episode 2 we saw 30,000 pounds of rocks (yes, rocks!) shipped over 1800 miles. The shipment, organised by uShip, contained 24 crates of Brazilian Geodes and crystals.

uShip - What's in the Mail?

shared by mattrawlings46 on Sep 25
You'd be surprised what shipping companies have to deal with, check out this list of the weirdest things ever shipped!




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