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UK Fuel Trends

UK fuel trends Prices, taxation and solutions Fuel Prices: Little-known numbers Did you know? In January 2015 Brent crude oil dropped to $45.26 a barrel, its lowest price since March 2009. An overview of fuel prices and how they have changed How Petrol and Diesel prices have fallen Fuel prices at the pumps fell sharply from October 2014 until the end of January 2015, in line with falling crude oil prices. We even saw some forecourts offer unleaded for as little as €1 per litre. 150 Pence Per Litre On Monday January 5, 2015, the price of unleaded petrol was 111.1p/litre, 2.1p/litre lower than the previous week. The price for diesel was 117.9p/litre, 2.4p/litre lower than the previous week. 120 • Premium unteaded 2. From Juy 1999 desel prices represent average prices for Ultra Low Sulphur Desel which now accounts for virtualy alL deset sold, Pumo prices for both diesets are broadly the same. 2. Yypical prices tor detvertes of up to 1000 ures of standard grade burning ot and betwoen 2000 and 5,000 tres of gas ot Prior to 1977, prices wore for detivenies of 900 res of standard grade burning oll and 2275 utres of gas o. Since Aprit 1994 prices indude VAT at a rate of 8% unc September 1997 when the applicable rate was reduced to 5% L FromAprit 2001, Premium unteadod prices represent Utra Low Suohur Petrot ULSPL which now accounts forrvirtualty att Premium unteaded sold The pumo prices tor both tuets wore broady the same. Source Department of Energy & Comate Change: Typical January retall prices of petroloum products https//'statisacal-cata-setslon-and-pitroleum-products-annual-stastics Did you know? You save €10.75 (petrol) or €11.25 (diesel) on a tank of fuel for a Ford Fiesta" compared to a year ago! Fuel price per engine Figures show a comparison between fuel costs for petrol and diesel vehicles over the course of year and are calculated based on driving 10,000 miles. Fuel consumption figures are assumed. Petrol engines (Fuet consumption is assumed) Diesel engines (Fuet consumption is assumed C839.90 (60mpgl a EB0S.30 (60mpgl €1,072.21 (47mpgl a (915.83 (Sampgl E1,119.87 (45mpgl A €1,021.50 (52mpgl €1,292.15 (3mogl . (1,295.56 (41mpgl C1439.83 (35mpgl A (1,327.95 (40mpgl C1,679.80 (30mpgl Ml (1,397.84 (38mpg) €1,938.23 (26mpgl 2 (1,517.66 (35mpgl Basod on a fuel cost of C1.11/utre Based on a fuel cost of C1,17Atre C1,938.23 E1,938.23 f1098:33 The difference in cost between a 60mpg and a 26ómpg petrol car £6323 36 The difference in cost between a 60mpg and a 35mpg diesel car "124 gallon tank-4 Information source: hetp// hep// Apni_2013 par Rgures in intographic caloulated by dividing three- year cost of running a privately owned vohide from new by three Supermarket prices 125.9p 1.6p The average supermarket price for a litre of unleaded, which fell in 2014. The gap between supermarket prices and the UK average for unleaded, which remained the same in 2014. 131.3p 131.6p 67.5p The average supermarket price for a litre of diesel in 2014. The average supermarket price for a litre of super The average supermarket price for a litre of LPG in 2014. unleaded in 2014. 1.8p difference between 0.2 difference 2.1p difference between between supermarket prices and the UK average for diesel. supermarket prices and the UK average for super unleaded. supermarket prices and the UK average for LPG. Intormation sourced from Experian Catast and "Supermarkat brands include Morrisons, Sainsburys. Teson, Asda, Watrose. Note this excludes supermariet brand shops at other tuet recaiors loa. Tesco Express stations are normaty Esso branded tuot, so would not be included Fuel vs Motoring costs The cost of motoring over the last 10 years This chart plots the percentage change in the price of various aspects of motoring over a rolling 10-year period. This chart shows that over time 120% 80% operational costs have generally risen significantly above the rate of inflation while the cost 40% of buying a vehicle has not increased as much as inflation. The notable exception being 2014, with petrol prices falling to a five-year low. 0% Fayrce ONS -40% • Cost ofing • Purchase O Maintenance O Perol and O O Tax and insurance UK fuel taxation £26bn One litre of fuel Where your money goes PUMP PRICE (per litre) TOTAL Petrol a 111.0p Diesel a 117.0p of which is the amount the Treasury received in 2012 from fuel duty. However, with C02 emissions from modern vehicles falling and their fuel economy improving, treasury revenues from diesel and petrol sales will fall over time, as fuel efficient vehicles become the norm. PRE-TAX COST (includes oil production. refining, distribution & forecourt costs) Petrol a 34.55p Diesel a 39.55p DUTY 67% RATE Petrol a 57.95p Diesel a 57.95p VAT (at 20x) Petrol a 18.50p Diesel a 19. 50p DUTY & VAT PERCENTAGE (X of the punp price that is Duty VAT) TATAL % Petrol a L6.9 Diesel a bb.2 In early January 2015 tax - fuel duty and VAT - accounted for 67% of the average pump price. The remaining 33% of the pump price accounted for the cost of providing the fuel. 05584621620045 Thank you Please come again *The cost of providing the fuet retates to the cost of crude ol, retring disribuong and retalting the fuet Within thes chain is a range of tacors that can have an impacton average tuet pumo prices Total fuel duty contributions over the past decade 30 Petrol & Diesel 25 Diesel w 15 Petrol 10 1993/4 95/96 00/01 05/06 10/11 2013/14 information es/BulletinArchiweaspvwnameHydrocarbon Ots Dutes Archve Top 10 tips to make your fuel go further Plan your journey Improve driver behaviour Data-led training can reduce harsh acceleration, heavy braking, excessive speeding and over- rewing that will in-turn lower fuel costs. Remove private fuel benefits Telematics Fuel cards allows managers to track the activity of their fleet, with a 24/7 real-time view for maximum visibility. allows drivers to fill Motorists waste up from approved stations, helping you 350,000 tonnes of fuel a year by not planning ahead and getting lost. Use GPS where possible, have a contingency route in mind if you Rather than reimbursing individuals for fuel, adopt a companywide fuel purchasing system. This will save employees money and could provide tax benefits for the to manage the cost of your fleet and save on fuel costs. encounter a diversion and keep an up to date map in the car. business. SERV Fit a fuel cap" When you've finished Correctly inflated tyres With correctly inflated tyres you are able to travel further on each Efficient gear changing Remember to change gear properly. You should be changing gear between 1500 and 2000rpm (diesel cars) and between 2000 rpm 2500rpm (petrol cars). Maintenance Turn your engine off Turn off your engine if you find yourself in stationary traffic. This will help reduce your emissions and fuel consumption. Always ensure your vehicle is well-maintained filling the tank, make sure you replace the fuel cap securely - fuel can be lost annually through evaporation when the fuel cap is lose. and looked after. Poorly maintained vehicles invariably use more fuel. tank of fuel. "Source for Pan your jou **Source for Fit atuel caer-b Fleet Top_Tips.pot RaC Motorists, we salute you ( 十 。 Suomu

UK Fuel Trends

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How fuel prices have changed with top tips for making your fuel go further including - How and why fuel prices have changed - A handy comparison guide between petrol and diesel - Breakdown into gener...





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