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The ugly truth about Spanish drivers for Expats

THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT SPANISH DRIVERS FOR EXPATS Driving in Spain has a number of risks. The roads are usually good (thanks to years of EU sponging) but the standard of driving isn't. Here's what you need to know if you want to survive longer than a week. DRIVING ABILITY SPEEDING IS BETTER... Motorists in Spain are always in a rush, usually because they are late for a meeting. BAD BAD 120 130 140 110 150 100 160 90 170 68% 70% admit to speeding all the time yet 90% accept they are often late to their meetings think speed signs mean minimum speed EXCELLENT EXCELLENT anyway. ALL males said they were better drivers than everyone else. JUST OFF TO THE SHOPS Parking in Spain is just a matter of stopping wherever you want. Paying to park is frowned upon and disabled spaces are for everyone. Blocking the flow of traffic is accepted and parking on endanger their lives having to walk into the road is also allowed, especially if you are in a rush or dropping the children off at school. the pavement so pedestrians 73% Male drivers account for 73% of accidents on Spanish roads. But it's never their fault! I'M CONFUSED..? Despite statistics showing otherwise, drivers in Spain do not think the risk of being involved in a crash whilst using their mobile phone is Give-way and stop signs may seem to suggest different things but are actually to be treated the same. Slowing down at a stop sign is considered good enough. 4x GREATER IF THEY R TXTIN D RISK IS 11x GR8TER :( STOP In most other countries, honking of the horn is restricted to use as a warning. In Spain it is more commonly used as a way of communicating some form of displeasure. Its meaning can be deduced by the length and number of repeated blasts. This may also be followed by a hand gesture or vocal comment.. GIVE WAY = You are in my way The general rule for a roundabout is to enter on the outside lane and regardless of your eventual exit, stay in this lane. = You are an idiot 1 out of every 3 = You ?#@*&%! motorists find road signs to0 confusing and often just follow the car in front of them! IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WHERE I AM GOING! In poor weather conditions, just drive as normal. Slowing down or taking greater care could cause traffic problems. Heck, if it's foggy, they'll never see you speeding anyway!!! And no need to remember to turn on your 77% of Spanish drivers never use indicators. When asked, “What is the difference between a (77% flashing amber light and a static red light?" 20% don't know what indicators are. 56% 16% believe indicators, like full beam, are only for bullying the car in front to get out of the way. fog lights because you didn't turn them off the last time. said it was the colour. LOVE YOUR CAR... Motorway Lane Discipline - know your place It's true, drivers in Spain love their cars. But not yours though judging by the scratches and dents you will find keep on appearing. Lorries Important people Everyone else Losers and Pensioners Speeders 8% say they regularly have sex in their car. 4% pay to regularly have sex in their car. 11% would like to have sex in their car or anywhere else come to think of it. NB: Most motorways also have a 'Hard Shoulder. This lane is exclusively for use by those 'special people' who are exempt from the frustration and delays everyone else must suffer during traffic jams. *None of this is actually true. IIII III

The ugly truth about Spanish drivers for Expats

shared by charliemonster on Oct 18
A light hearted look at drivers in Spain using trueisms, observation, attitudes and a sprinkling of creative licence regarding most, if not all of the statistics.


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