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The Truth About Driving Distractions

THE TRUTH ABOUT DRIVING DISTRACTIONS Driver distraction is defined as: The voluntary or involuntary diversion of attention away from primary driving tasks • ANATOMY OF DISTRACTIONS • VISUAL AUDITORY PHYSICAL COGNITIVE Looking at something other than the road Hearing something not related to driving Manipulating something Thinking about something other than driving other than the wheel SOURCES OF DISTRACTIONS . INTERNAL EXTERNAL TECH BASED Climate Radio Mobile Entertainment GPS External road signs Looking at objects or events Trying to find location controls surfing phones systems and advertising NON-TECH BASED Scenery Sun strike Other road users Speaking with Eating Drinking Smoking Grooming passengers • 10 MOST COMMON DISTRACTIONS • II Manipulating vehicle controls Manipulating music/audio controls External Conversing Mobile phones distractions Eating, drinking, accidental spilling Grooming Other passengers in the car Reading and writing Smoking ONE-THIRD 15% - 20% of all distractions are estimated to be of all distractions involve outside-the-vehicle driver interaction with distractions. technology. • DISTRACTIONS RESULT IN • 60 75 kmph Impaired ability to maintain correct lane position Impaired ability to maintain appropriate and predictable speed Longer reaction times when detecting and responding to unexpected events Missed traffic signals Reduced functional visual field of view, which is correlated with an increase in crash involvement Shorter following distances to vehicles in front Driver distraction is being increasingly ranked by road safety authorities around the world as a significant contributing factor to road accidents. QLD WA Distraction accounts for NSW - 2005 to 2007 - 5.1% 3.5% Distraction is estimated to play a role in - 1996 to 2000 - of all hospitalisations of all fatalities Distraction was the cause of 32% 0.6% of all road crash deaths out of and serious injuries 414,000 WA VIC ONE-THIRD of all serious crashes in Perth - 2004 and 2005 - involved a distracting activity Driver error and distraction was the SA NO. 1 cause of road fatality (38% and 33% respectively) TAS - 2004 - Inattention was the cause in Inattention was a factor in 28% 50% 12% of fatal crashes of serious injury crashes of serious crashes over a 5 year period 1 IN 7 In New Zealand, 10% of all reported crashes involved distraction hospitalised drivers reported a distraction had contributed to their crash. THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT MOBILE PHONES The risk of being Even short periods of 4x involved in a crash driver distraction while driving with a mobile phone can be detrimental to safety Distraction is largely associated with: • rear-end crashes • same travel-way or same direction crashes • single vehicle crashes • crashes occurring at night. NEARLY 80% OF ALL CRASHES 65% OF ALL NEAR-CRASHES involved driver inattention within 3 SECONDS before a collision* "According to a study by VTTI Distraction is inevitable and cannot be eliminated. The key is to address those distractions and enhance driver awareness. INTRODUCING THE MOBILEYE ADVANCED DRIVER AWARENESS SYSTEM Unique artificial vision technology (smart in-car camera) Can detect vehicles, lanes, speed signs, and pedestrians, and measure their distances to your vehicle Identifies potentially dangerous situations Provides audio-visual warnings to alert the driver of possible collisions • MAIN FEATURES . Forward Collision Warning (FCW) Alerts the driver up to 2.7 seconds before a potential collision occurs with the Lane Departure Warning (LDW) Alerts the driver when deviating from the driving lane. vehicle or motorcycle ahead. Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW) Headway Monitoring and Warning (HMW) Helps the driver keep a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead. Alerts the driver of an imminent 0.8 collision with a pedestrian or cyclist during daytime. Visit for more information • LOOKING FORWARD • With distracted driving accounting for thousands of accidents each year, there is now more need for Driver Awareness Systems like Mobileye. Mobileye technology is already being integrated into BMW, Volvo and General Motors and is now available as a retro-fitted system for all makes and models. DriveSense MOBILEYE Our Vision. Your Safety. Data as of October 2012 Source: || | | | | | | |

The Truth About Driving Distractions

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Driving distractions contribute to thousands of crashes a year in Australia. This infographic displays the truth about driving distractions - its types, dangers, statistics, and how we can combat it.




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