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Trucking Industry Facts

TRUCKING INDUSTRY FACTS How much Revenue does the trucking industry produce? What is the average operating ratio for trucking companies? %24 FOR EVERY DOLLAR 95.2 CENTS 4.8 CENTS Operation cost Profit Total Private For Hire / Air Industry Fleets Common Transport Revenue Carriers What does a 30.3 CENTS PER MILE driver make driving truck? OR $32,000 / YEAR How much does the Average operating costs trucking industry pay to operate on our roads? $1.73 PER MILE State highway Federal highway use tax $83.63 PER HOUR use tax $17.8 BILLION $20.2 BILLION How much fuel does the transportation industry utilize in a year? 53.9 BILLION GALLONS (in billions) How big is the trucking industry? How many trucks operate in the U.S.? 8.9 MILLION PEOPLE TOTAL an average of 3.5 MILLION TRUCK DRIVERS 15.5 MILLION How many trucking companies are there in the U.S.? How many miles does the trucking industry log in a year? 97% > 20 trucks 90% > 6 trucks an estimated 432.9 BILLION MILES an estimated 1.2 MILLION that's enough to COMPANIES CIRCLE THE WORLD 17 MILLION TIMES! How much volume does the trucking industry move? Trucking accounts for an estimated That's 70% $671 BILLION of all freight transported annually in the U.S in manufactured and retail goods! Brought to you by: the INUCKENSREPORT .com Sources: COW/ Documents/Trucking%20lndustry%20Facts.pdf 225 121 NOITTI8 97.9 NOITTI8 I BILLION

Trucking Industry Facts

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