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Truck Drivers in Pictures, Numbers and Features

PORTRAIT This infographics is based on an analysis of 2000 reviews of Trucker Path application on Apple Store. To be perceived as inspirational material. Old-School Trucker Rookie Trucker Trucker's Wife Team/ Co-Driver RV Driver 4-Wheeler Dispatcher Joy Traveller 0CCUPATΙON VEHICLE TYPE EXPERIENCE REGION Truck Driver 35 Commercial Truck 24 Rookie 11 Coast-to-Coast Trucker's Wife 8 RV 7 3+ years 2 Midwest RV Driver 7 OTR 10+ years 3 East Coast Team/ Co-Driver 7 Hauler/ CDL 20+ years 5 California 1 4-Wheeler Delivery Denver 1 Dispatcher 1 Hazmat 1 Joy Traveller 1 Charter Bus 1 FAVORITE FEATURES POI Mentions Add-Ons Appreciations Chicken Coops 72 POI Status 69 Truck Stops 68 Trip Planning 51 Parking 56 Detailed Info 39 Fuel Stations 30 Location Search 14 Rest Areas 28 Reviews 9 Walmarts 17 Satellite Map 5 Restaurants 12 Low Clearances 4 Hotels Miles To Mom & Pops Favourites Branded Places 2 Navigation 2 Ports 1 Travel Time Service Centre | 1 State Roads | 1 Truck Wash 1 Coverage | 1 Sports | 1 Used Data | 1 Shower | 1 DOT Status 1 INTERFACE SATISFACTION ACCURACY SATISFACTION Users experienced some troubles navigating the app. Generally they appeared Mostly users very happy with the accuracy of information in the app. Despite to be satisfied with the design, demanding small adjustments of the font sizes. few setbacks experienced they demonstrated good understanding of it's nature. EXPERIENCES Illustrations present some activities, emotions, situations associated with the app and mentioned in reviews. Day Planning Route Planning Keeping Track No Paper Logs 2 T W 1 Unfamiliar Areas Emergency Tips Supplements Apps No CB Yelling ! ? GPS ТР GPS POPULAR OPINIONS "Great app! All of us truckers "This app has been a life saver. "This has been the most awesome "Don't understand how a truckers It's the one app that actually does everything it's supposed to. It's absolutely a truck driver's app not be optimized for trucks. But really helpful. Just needs tool for cross-country driving. working together. It is a duty of mine to update every Weight| Thank you Trucker Path for giving us this information. This is not just for big trucks Station and Truck Stop I pull ability to built in truck route." into to help out my fellow and best friend." lady truckers." %3D but for all RV-ers as well." SUGGESTIONS & IDEAS General Route Interface T. Optimization for Trucks 29 Freight Finder 2 Voice Directions 5 Night View Traffic Notifications 4 Save Route 5 Tips on how to use 4 Weather ·Accidents/ Detours Auto-Follow 2 Fonts Bigger Police 4 •Scales offline Maps 1 123 Simplier actions 4 Chain Control 1 ·Favorites Eta Arrival Time 1 +, Zoom-In/ Out old 3 Tolls 2 Messenger 3 Road Works/ Closed Roads 3 Forum 1 POI Details Overview Specific Brands Mom & Pops 2 Better Reporting 22 Drivers are very excited about and open to the changes new Laundry technologies bring to their 4 Stops with DEF Suggest/ Update Place DEF 1 8 lives on the road. Being very strong and diverse community drivers are eager to Repair Points RV RV Dump Stations 1 Anonymous Reviews 2 W Walmart Parking >h Status Expiration participate in the process of Shower 1 2 development and improvement of the app. il. Gym 2 Lounge 1 (АВС Auto-Correct Reviews 2 Trucker Path is perceived as a life-saving tool and a best friend. Just keep on trucking! Small Town Stuff 2 Camping 1 Flag New Places 1 AppStore Reviews Analysis 15 April 2016 AppStore Reviews Analysis 15 April 2016 AppStore Reviews Analysis 15 April 2016 AppStore Reviews Analysis 15 April 2016 II LO

Truck Drivers in Pictures, Numbers and Features

shared by okuntseva on Apr 30
American road drivers represent a strong and diverse community. By analyzing reviews of popular app for trucker's I tried to recreate an infographic portrait of it's typical member. This infographic a...


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