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Trends in Wrongful Death from Car Accidents

TRENDS IN THOUGH RECENT NUMBERS SUGGEST ASIGNIFICANT DECREASE IN TRAFFIC FATALITIES NATIONWIDE, THERE ARE MANY SPECIFICS THAT CONTRIBUTE TO THOSE TOTALS. WRONGFUL DEATH FOR EXAMPLE, MANY RECORDED DEATHŞ OCCURRED DUE TO NEGLIGENCE, NON-COLLISION SITUATIONS, OR BY ŠĪMPLY BEING A PEDESTRIAN. FROM CAR ACCIDENTS HERE IS A BREAKDOWN OF TRAFFIC FATALITIES OVER THE LAST 20 YEARS. Deaths Within Deaths Within Traffic Fatalities by State 1 Year of Accident 30 Days of Accident Total Number of Motor Vehicle Deaths 35000 30000 In 2009, there was a total of 35,900 motor vehicle deaths. This is down from 46,800 deaths in 1990. 25000 20000 Vehicle Occupant Deaths vs. Non-Occupant Deaths 15000 10000 5000 1990 1995 2000 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Non-Collision Accidents Occupants I Non-Occupants 2009: Deaths By Mode of Transportation Non-Collision accidents include jackknifes, overturns, fires, cargo shifts and spills, or running off the road. Traffic Fatalities from 1990-2009 4,000 deaths occurred in 2009 from non-collision accidents. This is down from 5,400 deaths in 2006. 13,100 5000 500 4000 3000 Passenger Cars Large Trucks Collision Accidents 2000 1000 In 2009, 13,900 deaths occurred due to collision accidents with other vehicles. 1990 CA I TX INY IL FL 2000 2005 2009 4,100 600 In that same year, there were 5,300 deaths involving collisions with pedestrians. In 2010, California, Texas, New York, linois, and Florida were cited as the top 5 most populated states in the United States. Pedestrians Pedalcyclist For more information on traffic fatalities and wrongful death, please visit http:/ Z.D Zinda& Davis Data Sources: and

Trends in Wrongful Death from Car Accidents

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Though recent numbers suggest a significant decrease in traffic fatalities nationwide, there are many specifics that contribute to those totals. Here is a breakdown of traffic fatalities over the ...


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