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Transit and Roadway Improvements for the Kaiser Mission Bay Campus

EN TRIPS: SFMTA planning drculation alternatives for 16th and 17th Streets to accommodate future Eastern Neighborhoods development. Under the preferred alternative, transit (the 22 Filmore) would operate in center running transit-only lanes with transt boarding islands. New traftic signals would be installed at Connecticut and Wisconsin Streets. TEP: SFMTA is currendy analyzing planned transit enhancements to improve the relabity speed, and service of transit throughout the city. Improvements near the project indude: a 22 Filmore: Rerouted along 16th Street between Kansas and 3rd Streets. b. 33 Stanyan: Rerouted along 16h Street between Valenda and Connectiout Streets and to Dogpatch via Connectiout and 18th Stroets. c. 10 ownsend Rerouted from Herry Adams and 16th Street to Mission Bay Boulevard, Irwin and Connecticut Streets Mission Bay Plan: As Mission Bay develops, new streets will be constructed to accommodate anticipated travel demand. Most of the remaining now streets in Mission Bay wil be located north ot the UCSF campus however Mariposa Street will be widened and Owens Street will be constructed south of 16th Street. Owens Street wil provide direct north-south access from the Mariposa Street ORamp to 16th Street The bicycle lanes on 16th Stroet would be removed and replaced by an enhanced bicycle route along 17th Street Potrero MOB Project 60 19 --- Future Mission Bay Street Network Tewmd ret Highway 280 On/Off Ramp Reconstruction Seth Strel Existing and Future Transit Network UCSF MISSION BAY Transit Segment Proposed for Realignment 10 CAMPUS Caltrain/Highspeed Rail Improvements - 22:33 •.• Potrero Hill/Mission Bay Parking Management Program Study Area Boundary UCSF 10 22 MEDICAL CENTER A Future traffic signal to be added by SFMTA 22 101 Mariposa Street 33 Note: Enternion of the 22 more bu route to Manion day includes trannit and streetacape improvements along 10n Street including center running transit liner and bibe improvements on 17h Street (ENTRIPS, 2011) 19 19 1h Street 22 33 19th Street 10 20h Stret a Mariposa/l-280 Ramps Project: As part of the D Caltrain Modernization/HSR: The Cahrain Mssion Bay Plan, the intersections on Mariposa Street at the -280 Ramps will be reconstructed to accommodate new signaks and additional lanes. The new lanes are espected to accommodate trafic generated by eisting and proposed development in the area. This isa improvement through local and regional sources. Modemization Program will electrify and upgrade the performance, operating effidengy, capacity. safety and reliability of Caltraints commuter ral service. The Catrain Modenization Program is scheduled to be complete by 2019. Electrification has been a part of Catrain's long-term vision for several years and is reflected in Catrain's strategic plans. Final alignment for High Speed Ral are not known at this time. A Mission Bay Parking Study: The Mission Bay parking plan area covers the area north of Mariposa Street, east of h Street, and south of Bryant Street. The SFMTA plans to restart outreach in Dogpatch and Potrero in late 2012 and early 2013 respectively. The metering dirict oould indude new parking meters or residential permit 2ones to manage inoease demand for oni-street parking partialy funded Not te Scale EXISTING AND FUTURE TRANSIT AND ROADWAY IMPROVEMENTS FEHRFPEERS SF11-0588 Kaiser Potrero-Mission_BayGraphics Sed Sre et 4h Sye et Indana Sre Onens reet Minksiepi Sreet ComecdcusSwe Wiecondn Steet Rhode lale nd Se et

Transit and Roadway Improvements for the Kaiser Mission Bay Campus

shared by libbywood on Mar 07
This is a project infographic illustrating the existing and future improvements around the USCF Medical Center in Mission Bay


Fehr & Peers


Elizabeth Antoinette Wood


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