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Train horns

Sprinter horns to dan Stysies earcher s SAN MARCOS ESCONDIDO The tracks paralel Mission Road in most of Escondido and take the Sprinter through a heavily industrial zone, where the horn will blend in with the din of trucks and heavy trafte. The MOW TO READ THE MAP The tracks are in mestly commercial districts. vet When the Sprinter reaches the heart of town, it will pass near residences of Pico Avenue but will slow as it approaches the station at San blow at crossings Sprinter passenger trains go into service in late 2007. Lke freight trains, they will cross 37 streets. blowing their homs 15-20 seconds before each crossing. The Sprinters will operate between 4am. and 10pm: treight trains operate at night. I trom Sprinter hom Cty boundary sitentaad 2000 i and tapograpny. 40-decel range rem trel train hern Train eressing reeuiring hern caloulated the stances un the bain hor Distances ae nd Marcos Boulevard, where office buildings including the Civic Center, dominate. It will Residenta and s ferhe athe In 0-range se aes Residential ad In 00-a range in a commercial area at the range rem treight etimatestvi sound a horn as it leaves the station Escondido Transit Center. train hern and 65-. range vary decof e Spring SAN MARCOS CAMP PENDLETON N. River R. wion Ae. Seta Msion RE Ouborne St. Enterrise Weshington Ae wanmge far treight train Marcin Pe Ave. OCEANSIDE Bobier Dr. ESCONDIDO Excondido Transit Center Civic Center- VISTA 80-.range for trelgt train and 65-.range for Sprinter Seund wa ve Tea CSU San Marces Mesa D oe Ave Escondide Ave MantaFeAe Missien Deer Springs Rd. Monte Vista Dr Seun way Palomar Guajome ONorte Pay College Rrgional Parn OCEANSIDE VISTA Miion R OCEANSIDE Bobier Dr. Riga Spring gnide W.Los Angeles Dr. Se Mares CSU Oeanside Bvd. Nontani San Marcas Nrth A SAN MARCOS Cameo D Temp ESCONDIDO iCanine County Club MCesta College Olive Ae Sund OCEANSIDE VISTA SPRINTER VERSUS FREIGHT TRAINS Comparing o 10 20 30 40 So 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 seend Oceanside's Rancho Del Oro Drive crossing includes amix of residences shopping and light Industry. It is similar to many crossings along the east west rail in the city. The most residential part of the Sprinter route is in Vista, and the train will sound Its hom before each crossing Sometimes it will pass S0 feet from back yands, as at the North Avenue and West Los Angeles Drive crossings. The transit district will instal sound wals along part of the tracks to muffle the noise. Decbe Sprinter passenger trains will bring train herns during daytime hours, but their horns will be quieter than those of the freights that operate at night. Breathing Soft whisper Normal Vacuum Biender Shouting Stock car conversation in ear гасe Required minimum decibels for train horns at 100 feet in front of the trains: as s. Spriater M Freight train A 96 dbs. SOURCES SANDAG Dan Scanderbeg UCSO NCTD BRIAN CRAGIN/Unian tibure Cent Phay Centre City Py fein Daks a Twin Oui valey e Coll Racho Dra Dr Ranche S. Satafe Ave. Coast Hey Ranche Del Oro or

Train horns

shared by cragin on Apr 13
Train running through residential neighbors blast residents with their horns


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