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Top Causes of Accidents on the Road

ACCIDENT STATS BY Top Causes of Accidents #1: Drink Driving Drink driving is one of the leading causes of fatal accidents in Australia. Between 20% and 40% of all road fatalities are caused by drink driving. Around 80% of these drivers are male. #2: Tailgating Tailgating is the practice of driving too close to the back of another vehicle. Rear collisions were the most common type of accident on Australian roads in 2011. #3: Weaving In and Out of Traffic Weaving in and out of traffic to try and increase speed can make it more difficult to foresee upcoming obstacles, and can also confuse other drivers on the road. University research has shown frequent lane changers only save an average of 4 minutes in an 80 minute trip, while greatly increasing their risk of accidents. 26% of drivers surveyed admitted to have texted while driving. #4: Using a Mobile While Behind the Wheel 26% A university study found that 60% of drivers have used a mobile phone while driving. #5: Speeding STOP 27% of fatal crashes involve speeding Studies show driving just 5km/h less than the speed limit can dramatically reduce injuries and fatalities on the road. A tiny difference in speed can mean a huge difference in breaking time. Reaction Breaking This chart shows how driving just 5km slower can mean the difference between safe stopping and a potentially fatal collision. 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Australia's Worst Drivers By State Victoria 37% South Australia 3% Queensland 26% New South Wales 20% Western Australia 10% ACT 2% Tasmania 2% By Capital City Melbourne 24% Brisbane 22% Sydney 14% Perth 12% Adelaide 5% Canberra 3% Hobart 2% Darwin 0% Sources htto:// htto:// htto:// htto:// htto:// htto://,20injuriesk20anch20fatalities-199

Top Causes of Accidents on the Road

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Australia is known for its dangerous environment and killer animals, but few people know that cars are one of the biggest causes of death or injury in the country. This infographic breaks down the top...


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