From TextMessages to Transportation: How Infrastructure Makes it All Possible

INFRASTRUCTURE WEEK 2014 * 99996 INFRASTRUCTURE IS PART OF OUR EVERYDAY LIVES. SHE BRUSHES HER TEETH JANE WAKES UP AND TURNS ON THE LIGHT $384B 7B 70% WATER UPGRADES GALLONS What the U.S. needs to spend on water system upgrades over the next 20 years. OF U.S. POWER LINES AND LARGE POWER TRANSFORMERS of drinking water is lost daily, leading to losses of $2.6 billion annually.? 240,000 + 75,000 are more than 25 years old. The nation's outdated power grid saddles residents and businesses with more expensive energy while WATER MAIN BREAKS SEWER OVERFLOWS keeping cleaner, more affordable alternatives out of the market. Water main breaks and sewer overflows discharge three to 10 billion gallons of water annually. SHE DRIVES TO A PARK AND RIDE AND GETS ON A BUS TO GO TO WORK SHE ARRIVES TO WORK AT A LOCAL CAR FACTORY 5.5B $818 3.8M 1.9M EXTRA HOURS PER COMMUTER EMPLOYEES EXPORTED VEHICLES traveled by Americans in 2011 due to congestion. the total financial cost number of Americans per commuter in 2011. directly employed by number of passenger vehidles and light the U.S. auto industry. trucks exported from the U.S. in 2012. SHE TEXTS HER FAMILY FROM THE BUS SHE LOADS A CAR FOR TRANSPORT TO THE DEALER 57% $50.5B ŠIB =28K ANNUAL GROWTH RATE U.S. INVESTMENT FEDERAL HIGHWAY SPENDING U.S. JOBS by the telecom and cable industry in 2012; more than what the federal government of mobile data traffic in the U.S. from 2012 to 2017. spends on roads and bridges every year. $87B + 350K These jobs include 9,500 in the construction sector, 4,300 in industries supporting the construction sector and about 14,000 other jobs in non-construction related sectors of the economy. INCREASE IN GDP NEW U.S. JOBS the result of nearly doubling the amount of spectrum available for wireless broadband by 2020. SHE DRIVES OVER A BRIDGE SHE PUTS GAS IN THE CAR NO MAJOR 43 GETTING GAS TO THE PUMP WOULDN'T IMPROVEMENTS BE POSSIBLE have been made on this YEARS without our U.S. waterways, ports, important waterway in 50 is the average age CHESTER ARTHUR of U.S. bridges. pipelines, transportation vehicles and roadways. Take, for example, the Sabine-Neches Waterway on the coast of years. Doing so will protect existing business, increase efficiency, create thousands of jobs, generate billions of 1833 The average Believe it or not, Chester Arthur designed lifespan is 50 years. was President when the Texas. This waterway is the #1 U.S. crude oil importer, produces 60% of the nation's commercial jet fuel, the majority of U.S. military jet fuel and refines 13% of U.S. Brooklyn Bridge was built. dollars in economic impact Today it carries more than and position the U.S. to better 106,000 cars daily and is compete in the global deemed structurally deficient. daily fuel consumption. marketplace." SHE TURNS OFF HER LIGHT SHE DRIVES BY THE AIRPORT 23% $1.6B OF GROWTH IN JET FUEL SAVINGS BY 2020 for electricity demand if NexGen satellite navigation systems are installed nationwide. For the past 60 years, World in the U.S. by 2040." War II Era technologies have forced flights to follow an inefficient path from city to city, but the FAA says NexGen will enhance safety on flights and reduce delays and aircraft emissions-all vital to preserving aviation's contributions to the economy." 1. Modernize the Grid 2. Water is Your Business U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 4. Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Urban Mobility Report 5. Bureau of Labor Statistics as of March 2014 6. Department of Commerce 7. Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation 8. Cisco Virtual Networking Index 9. Progressive Policy Institute, "US Investment Heroes of 2013" 10. Sabine-Neches Navigation District 11. Federal Aviation Administration, NextGen 12. U.S. Energy Information Administration Edison Electric Institute 3.

From TextMessages to Transportation: How Infrastructure Makes it All Possible

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This infographic explores the vitally important role infrastructure plays each and every day of your life.


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