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The Text of Death

M. THE TEXT OF DEATH America's problem mith distracted driving Cellphones have become an inextricable part of society. They are extensions of ourselves, devices that are always at the ready to give us the ability to distract and communicate. Unfortunately, at times cellphones can be too distracting, particularly when operating motor vehicles. Cellphone Ubiquity in the USa AS OF JANUARY 2014 OF THESE PEOPLE: 90% of American adults regularly use cellphones on over 300 million wireless service subscriptions 81% 60% 52% TEXT MESSAGE USE THE INTERNET CHECK EMAIL 90% 50% 49% 48% DOWNLOAD APPS GET DIRECTIONS LISTEN TO MUSIC While in the car, the cellphone is used as a navigator, mp3 player, and communication device. Regretfully, these activities are chiefly responsible for distracted driving in America. Eyes off the Road 28% of total cellphone calls are made while driving. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety 10.6% Estimated percentage of talk time out of total driving time. Administration: 10% of total cellphone text messages are made while driving. WHAT IS THE IMPACT OF THESE DISTRACTIONS? OVER 660,000 100,000 Approximate amount of people holding cellphones while driving at any given daylight moment Approximate amount of people texting while driving at any given daylight moment of people 18-64 in America used their phone while 69% In the UK, this is 21% significantly lower at 21% driving in the last 30 days 4-6 SECONDS Average length eyes are off Increased risk of an the road to read a text message 3X accident while distracted 100 YARDS Distance traveled in that short by a cell phone period of time (at 55mph) ON AVERAGE, AS A RESULT OF DISTRACTED DRIVING: people are killed daily 1,153 people are injured daily IN 2012: 3,328 people died from distraction-affected crashes 421,000 people were injured from distraction-affected crashes a Primary Problem for the Young DISTRACTED DRIVING IS A SERIOUS ISSUE FOR YOUNGER DRIVERS: Drivers 25 or younger are 2-3x more likely than older drivers to send texts / emails while driving. 25% of teens respond to texts once or more each 17% of drivers 18-20 have been in a crash in the past year. time they drive. A SURVEY: Do you ever send text messages or emails while driving? 50 40 30 20 10 MALE FEMALE 18-20 21-24 25-34 35-44 45-64 65+ Seeing a Solution Many states have passed legislation that limits the use of cellphones while operating motor vehicles. However, the general attitude must change in order to better the situation. The NHTSA plan involves: SETTING UP resources REDUCING in-vehicle RAISING AWARENESS to help the public distractions through in order to increase better understand the improving legislation the public's commitment problem. and devices. to solving the problem. SOURCES AA ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS PROFESSIONAL LAW COPORANON BROUGHT TO YOU BY AA-ACCIDENTATTORNEYS.COM

The Text of Death

shared by marty11 on May 09
Cell phones have become ubiquitous among society, which poses a huge distraction to drivers on the road. Let's face it, we are all guilty of texting while driving. Even if we only text while at a red ...


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