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Taking Good Care of Your Transmission

TAKING GOOD CARE OF YOUR TRANSMISSION PREVENTIVE TRANSMISSION MAINTENANCE TRANSMISSION FLUID CHANGE Check your owner's manual to see how often this should be done Stop-and-go driving and towing heavy loads can make fluid deteriorate faster If you drive under hard conditions, check the fluid more often Fluid is usually red, and will get darker as it deteriorates TRANSMISSION FLUSH AND FILTER Completely pushes out old fluid and replaces it with new fluid Make sure your owner's manual says it's acceptable for your car Transmission filter may need to be cleaned or replaced at the same time Talk to your mechanic to make sure the proper procedures are being used SIGNS OF TRANSMISSION TROUBLE » GEAR SLIPPING • Feels like your car changes gears for no reason May be accompanied by a change in sound from your engine SHIFTING PROBLEMS • Gear shifts may feel rough, or your car might not want to shift • Your car may have trouble accelerating GRRR! LEAKS Your transmission system should never be leaking fluid • Put cardboard under your parked car to see if the leaks are current » CHECK ENGINE LIGHT • Can be a sign of many different issues and should be investigated May indicate early signs of transmission trouble you can't feel yet » SHAKING AND GRINDING • If you have a manual transmission, you may notice grinding when shifting Automatic transmissions might shake or feel jarring when changing gears CLUNK! GRRR! DR-NICKY INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: Dr. Nick's Transmissions TRANSMISSIONS Sources: transmission-trouble.htm CE

Taking Good Care of Your Transmission

shared by BrittSE on Nov 23
Did you know that stop-and-go driving and towing heavy loads can make transmission fluid deteriorate faster? Look over this Brookhaven car transmission problems infographic to find more facts about tr...


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