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Sydney vs Melbourne - Which Is The Best City To Drive In?

Sudney Melbourne US. Which City Is the Safest to Drive In? DRIVING CAN BE ROUGH IN ALL MAJOR CITIES, BUT 9 HOW DO AUSTRALIA'S MAJOR METROPOLITAN AREAS COMPARE REGARDING ON-THE-ROAD BEHAVIOURS? We did some research and asked nearly 500 residents of Sydney and Melbourne their opinions on driving conditions in both cities. Comparing Overall Driving Conditions When surveyed, Australians found Melbourne to be the most pleasant for driving, and the response was relatively one-sided: WHICH CITY HAS BETTER DRIVERS? Sydney 41% Melbourne 59% Sydney 44% Melbourne 56% WHICH CITY A DO YOU LIKE DRIVING OR RIDING IN MORE? WHICH CITY WOULD YOU RATHER BE DRIVING IN ON A FRIDAY EVENING DURING RUSH HOUR? Sydney 30% Sydney 31% Melbourne 70% Melbourne 69% WHICH CITY HAS BETTER TRAFFIC CONDITIONS? Melbourne Sydney 35% 67% Sydney 33% Melbourne 65% WHICH CITY HAS THE MOST POLITE DRIVERS? (I.E. PROPER SIGNALING, ALLOWING LANE CHANGES) DRIVERS IN WHICH CITY TREAT CYCUSTS BETTER? But even cities with amazing overall driving conditions have pain points. HERE ARE THE AREAS SURVEY RESPONDENTS IDENTIFIED AS BEING THE WORST TRAFFIC SPOTS FOR EACH CITY: Sydney's Worst Traffic Areas 41% Sydney's Central Business District 16% The M5 12% Pennant Hills Road (M2 to F3) 飛 : Melbourne's Worst Traffic Areas 28% 23% "Spaghetti Junction" Punt Road (Richmond to St Kilda) 17% Sydney Road (Coburg to Parkville) ««<<<<<«<<« Comparing Driving Safety of the Cities »>>»»> Aside from general impressions of driving in each city, there's the subject of road safety to consider. We asked respondents to indicate which city they thought had the highest traffic-related road tolls. 73% 27% SYDNEY MELBOURNE We also asked the city residents to guess how many traffic-related Incidents contributed to the 2013 road toll. SYDNEY RESPONDENTS GUESS OF ROAD TOLL NUMBERS: 21% (20-50) 30% (150+) 8% 16% 25% (1-20) (100-150) (50-100) MELBOURNE RESPONDENTS GUESS OF ROAD TOLL NUMBERS: 16% 25% (20-50) (100-150) 13% 21% 25% (1-20) (150+) (50-100) While our survey respondents were correct, Sydney had more traffic-related road tolls, though they actually over-estimated just how many road tolls had occurred in thelr city. REAL 2013 TRAFFIC-RELATED ROAD TOLL DATA: SYDNEY MELBOURNE 92 44 fatalities fatalities* as of July 2014* This marks a 63% discrepancy between the perception of Sydney's road safety and the reality of It for many of the respondents. SYDNEY VS. MELBOURNE: OUR SURVEY INDICATES THAT MELBOURNE WINS THE TITLE OF CITY THAT IS "SAFEST TO DRIVE IN." DO YOU AGREE!?! Gumtree SOURCES Images from Shutterstock. com: #41854. #85140466. #83288197. #141158839, #30460036. #141093553

Sydney vs Melbourne - Which Is The Best City To Drive In?

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We surveyed 500 car owners from each of these major Australian cities and asked them about their opinions on driving behaviours, on-road safety and traffic conditions. We collated their responses i...


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