Supersize road trip from Brisbane to Perth

Driving from Brisbane to Perth is like driving from: San Francisco, USA to Toronto, Canada Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Gangnam District, Korea London, United Kingdom to Damascus, Syria SAN FRANCISCO SUPERSIZE ROAD TRIP LONDON KUALA LUMPUR Coast to coast Follow journalist Feann Torr on a gruelling journey across Australia in a Mazda6 wagon mazpa BRISBANE 5 days?! OMG!! BRISBANE PERTH It takes 21,061,905 cans of cola laid end to end to cover the same distance Distance from Brisbane to Perth 4547km HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE DID YOU KNOW? Australian man Reid Anderton Plane 4 hours set the a world record for the fastest solo bicycle ride around Australia in early 2013. He Mazda6 5 days travelled 14,100km in Ship 9 days 37 days, 1 hour, 18 minutes slashing the record by almost a day! Bicycle 13 days Walking 28 days SUPERSIZED LANDMARKS Feann's favourite landmarks included the BIG Galah, the BIG Whale, the BIG Bench, the BIG Ant, the BIG Rocket, and the BIG oyster. HOW MUCH CAN YOU FIT IN A MAZDA6 WAGON'S BOOT? VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT HOLDEN COMMODORE WAGON SPORTWAGON 588 litres 895 litres 451 litres FORD MONDEO SUBARU LIBERTY WAGON WAGON 490 litres 1005 litres THE MAZDA6 CAN STILL COMFORTABLY FIT 5 GOLFBAGS AND A BOX OF KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS STRANGE BUT TRUE... BROKEN HILL Feann had only one CD to listen to - the debut album from Flume. In 5 days, he listened to the album start to end 57 times! PERFORMANCE Increase safety 86kg Heavier Old Mazda6 1507kg 8.5 seconds (0-100km/h) 1593kg 8.4 seconds (0-100km/h) New Mazda6 THE NEW MAZDA6 IS HEAVIER BUT IT IS FASTER, MORE EFFICIENT AND SAFER ROAD KILL SEEN 46 Kangaroo 12 Bird 3 Bunny/rat/vermin Unidentified BEST MEAL ALONG THE WAY 2 Feann had the best meal at the Eucla Motor Inn, Western Australia. It was the ubiquitous Reef & Beef (with pepper sauce) Possum Wild Dog/Dingo KALGOORLIE Crickey! There's more caravans out here than sheep! HONK HONK FUEL USED Filled up 8x in the entire trip THIRST QUENCHER = 675kJ $520 Feann drank 312 litres diesel 22 cans of cola = 14,850kJ 12,076,272KJ The Mazda6 would need to drink That's 17,891 cans of cola 6709 litres of cola to generate the equivalent energy to make the trip If Feann continued to drink cola at that rate, he would soon become morbidly obese and his teeth would fall out DID YOU Some of the aluminum KNOW? used to build cars is from recycled cola cans WELCOME TO I made it in 5 days! PERTH But next time l'll bring more cola. BURP! Source: Feann Torr drove from Brisbane through to Perth in 5 days 1 hour and drank 22 cans of cola. For the full story and photos, check out motoring :..

Supersize road trip from Brisbane to Perth

shared by pinqpixie on Jun 28
If you've ever thought about planning a supersized road trip, driving from the east to the west coast of Australia, this should be at the top of your list. We should know, because we did it a few week...


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