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Staying Safe On The Road

STAYING SAFE ΟΝ ΤHΕ ROAD --------- ------- So many of us drive so often that we sometimes take for granted how dangerous it can be. Thankfully, a little bit of forethought can save you car repair bills, hassles with insurance companies-even your life. Here's how to protect yourself against the top three causes of auto accidents. #1 Distracted Driving Texting, eating, using a GPS, putting on makeup-if you're paying attention to anything besides driving the car, you're driving distracted. 27% 20% 10% of distracted of teens admit to of parents drivers involved having multi-message admit the in fatal crashes text conversations same are in their 20s while driving X8888 5SECONDS average time your eyes are off the road while texting When traveling at 10 20 30 40 50 50 40 30 20 10 55 mph that's enough time to travel the length of a 10 20 football field TIPS TO AVOID DISTRACTED DRIVING 911 no room 00:05 1. 2. 3. 4. Use your cell phone for Limit the number of passengers Don't snack and drive You can multi-task when emergency situations only and the activity level within the car you're out of the car #2 Speeding 30% 32.5% 11.5% SPEED of motor vehicle took place on took place on LIMIT FREEWAY fatalities in 2012 minor roads ENTRANCE interstates and involved speeding freeways as a contributing factor TIPS TO AVOID SPEEDING JUST SLOW DOWN! On trips of <50 miles, going 10 mph over 7 MINUTES the speed limit almost never saves more than Remind yourself that the time you save by speeding is very limited AND ALL GAINS ARE NEGATED BY TRAFFIC, STOP LIGHTS, ETC. #3 Drunk Driving 30 20% of traffic deaths amongst children under 15 involved a drunk driver >50% of those children were riding number of drunk driving-related in the car with the drunk driver deaths in the US every day YOUNG PEOPLE ARE MOST AT RISK Among drivers with BAC levels of 0.08% involved in fatal crashes in 2012 were between were between were between 32% 27% 24% 21 and 24 25 and 34 25 and 34 years old years old years old Repeat offenders are common Drunk drivers to have a prior conviction 7X MORE LIKELY involved in fatal for DWI than sober drivers accidents were involved in fatal accidents TIPS TO AVOID IMPAIRED DRIVING Choose a designated Call a taxi or rideshare Hide the driver's driver -→ service keys ---> €--- Choose a DD before you go out Or take a bus or train They'll thank you in the morning STAY SAFE, DRIVE WELL, AND GET WHERE YOU'RE GOING. SOURCES CALIBER COLLISION RESTORING THE RHYTHM OF YOUR LIFE' %23

Staying Safe On The Road

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When it comes to driving, there are several factors to keep in mind in order to stay safe on the roads. Check out this guide to get the facts on how to stay protected from the top three causes for aut...




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