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Smuggling Cocaine With a Submarine

Narco Subs 1 COCAINE'S UNDERWATER VOYAGE Drugs in America are so plentiful and their sources in Central and South America so widely known - that we rarely stop to consider how, exactly, they get here. In the case of Columbian cocaine, a hugely successful method has been the use of secret semisubmersible vessels, affectionately known as narco subs. DRUG SUBS CARRY MORE THAN NEARLY 30% OF COLUMBIA'S 1/3 OF THE COCAINE SMUGGLED INTO THE US FROM COLUMBIA. TOTAL COCAINE EXPORTS. Range: 2,000 mi Freeboard: 18 in Speed: <7mph Engines: single or twin diesel Navigation Fuel Room: Capacity: 1,500 gal CAPACITY: 12 ft x 6 ft 4-12 tons of Cocaine Length: ($200M-$400M) 39.4 to 82.0 ft CONSTRUCTION COMPENSATION: $500K or less divvied between crew members Cost to build Assembly Time Captain Engineer $500K <90 - $1M days Build team 15-20 Cartel Agent Seaman on-site workers EQUIPMENT MATERIALS Bucket latrine Wood Fiberglass Steel Wooden steering wheel from Dry noodles and bottled water for food old ship TIMELINE OF SUBMARINER SMUGGLING 1980s 2000 2008 2011 Columbian drug smuggling dominated by go-fast boats and fishing vessels US law passed making it illegal to merely be aboard a drug sub Columbian police find Russian "Most sophisticated submarine" yet discovered by Columbian Navy. Able to travel 30 ft below water and likely costing over $2M documents in clandestine sub factory 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s 1995 2006 2010 "Bigfoot" captured, first ever intact drug sub caught holding 3 tons of cocaine. Soviet ex-pat First fully-submersible vessel captured by Ecuadorian authorities arrested in Miami for brokering submarine sale between Columbian cartel at secret, abandoned shipyard and Russian mob US seizes 256 tons of cocaine out of 1,000+ total tons moved. OTHER CARTEL TECH Catapult Tunnels Ultralight Aircraft Armored Tanks 1701-K Length 2000 ft. + Height Wingspan Top speed 9 ft. 30 ft. 70 mph Can launch Facilitates drug transport in the Can drop Can carry 4.4 lbs of marijuana at a time 12 people and withstand firefights 150-250lb tens of tons via bricks of marijuana lit, ventilated rail system. Created by: References: dyn/content/article/2009/06/05/AR2009060503718 html?hpid=topnews&sid=ST2009060503788 sub_captured from_drug_smugglers/ 08/20100608mexico-drug-smugglors-use-ultralight-aircraft.html This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. BY NO ND

Smuggling Cocaine With a Submarine

shared by rmmojado on Jan 24
We’ve all had the urge to get a one way ticket to Venezuela to help man a submarine for thousands of miles. Now you will know a little more of what to expect. Drug cartels have gotten extremely soph...


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