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Should I Go LPG?

SHO UL DIG 0 "LPG? Fuel prices are a massive headache. Little wonder an increasing number of motorists are looking for ways to reduce their running costs. Hybrid and electric vehicles are often talked about as viable alternatives, but the LPG option often goes overlooked. This could well be due to the hefty £1,500-£2,000 initial installation fee you have to fork out to get your car to run on LPG. But how much could you potentially save by converting your car to run on this type of fuel? LPG has the potential to cut running costs in half, so we felt it was worth a bit more investigation. What is LPG? How do I go LPG? H. LPG Н LPG is a conversions cost between £1,500 and £2,000. An LPG tank is fitted into natural hydrocarbon fuel which is H. both more eco-friendly and cost effective than petrol or diesel. It offers more MPG than petrol but is not subject to fuel duty. This means fuel prices could be cut in half! your car, leaving your petrol or diesel tank in place.lf you decide to go down the LPG route, make sure that the equipment is fitted at an approved LPG installer. You can find the nearest approved LPG installer in your area on Potential annual running cost savings Fuel £527 Tax +£15 Servicing -£120 Total Saving +£422 I It Practical? There are more than 1,400 LPG filling stations across the UK, so you should always be within reach of a pump. They work in exactly the same way as petrol and diesel pumps and it won't take any longer to refill your car. If you run out of LPG and can't get to an LPG pump, there's no need to worry as your car will automatically start to draw on the petrol or diesel tank. You can find the location of LPG filling stations using our map: How popular are LPG cars? LPG CARS PER 1000 2.5+ cars per 1000 1.5 - 2.0 cars per 1000 1.0 - 1.5 cars per 1000 Under 1.0 cars per 1000 Only 1% of the population currently run an LPG car, possibly due to a lack of education about the potential benefits and fears about the initial installation fee. According to MoneySupermarket data, the area where LPG cars are most popular is Hereford, followed closely by Telford. тм MoneySupermarket com SOURCES:

Should I Go LPG?

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Fuel prices are really beginning to get out of hand, and are causing the average motorist a massive headache as far as their finances are concerned. Electric cars are often highlighted as a potenti...


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