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Safety & Organization on Wheels Checklist

Safety & Organization on Wheels Checklist Essential Supplies for Your Car Repair and Maintenance ARO Special security key Jumper cables Emergency battery booster Spare tire Car repair information Car's Manual Tire jack and tire iron Duct tape WD-40 Tire pressure gauge Tire inflator and sealer Safety and Survival First aid kit Flashlight Multi-tool Energy bars or MRES (instant food that heats up with just water) Matches or other Water bottles Weather radio fire starter Seat belt cutter and Flares or Maps Ice scraper window breaker reflective triangle Shovel Torch/ flashlight Mylar space blanket Cardboard or carpet remnant Convenience and Comfort Tissues or a roll of toilet paper Paper or hand towels Umbrella Spare phone Spare change/ emergency money Recycled shopping bags for impromptu shopping trips Pencil and paper Change of clothes USB mobile Water Candles device charger Food Hot and Cold Car Preparation Summer Car Preparation Air Conditioning • Have qualified technician Cooling System • Flush and refill cooling system examine system every 24 months Oil • Recommended every 3,000 miles, varies by car model, check manual Engine Performance • Replace filters (air, fuel, PCV, etc.) Windshield Wipers • Replace worn blades • Stock up on windshield washer Lights • Inspect all lights and bulbs • Clean dirt and insects from lenses solvent Brakes Tires • Rotate every 5,000 miles • Check tire pressures once a month • Examine tires for tread life, uneven wearing, and cupping • Inspection varies by car model, check manual • Have brakes inspected if you notice pulsations, grabbing, noises, or longer stopping distance Battery • Scrape away corrosion from posts Towing • Check brakes on car and trailer • Be sure hitch is secure and safety and cable connections • Clean all surfaces • Re-tighten all connections • Check the fluid level monthly if . caps are removable Wear eye protection and rubber gloves when inspecting chains attached • Check for load shifting after driving 100 feet Winter Car Preparation Anti-freeze Heat • Flush coolant system in the fall • Check that the heater system works before the first freeze and that the core doesn't leak • Check for leaks • Install fresh coolant • Check the blower and window defroster Windshield wipers • Check wipers and replace if they are Electric System • Check system, especially battery and charging arrangement worn or hardened • Change wiper fluid with one that contains antifreeze Bag of sand • Place 2 bags of sand, one on each side of trunk, near the wheel wells Tires • Consider snow tires and chains • Check tire treads. Replace tires that for added traction do not have sufficient tread Garage • Protects paint job, guards against ice, and keeps the fluids and/or water in radiator from freezing Car cover • Look for cover that is reversible • Only protects car from snow and ice on windshield and paint, won't protect against freezing Every driver should have a well-stocked car with all the tools necessary for an emergency situation. Brought to you by In Partnership with CReplacementParts .com GHERGICH&Co.

Safety & Organization on Wheels Checklist

shared by Ghergich on Feb 20
While most cities seem to have parts stores on every block, when you break down – or in an emergency – chances are, you won’t have what you need close by without a little preparation. www.erepla...



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