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RV Safety Tips and Information

RV Safety - Tips and Information Common Accident Causes Fires. Fluid can leak and spontaneously combust and burn an RV. Tire Failure. Under- or over-inflated tires can blow out and cause accidents. Carelessness. Stairs left down and improperly stored awning lead to problems. Clearance Mistakes. Some drivers forget the height of their vehicle and hit a high object. Imbalance. This makes an RV unstable and dangerous Fast Tips Weight - Make sure your RV isn't overly weighted down. To much weight is harmful to the whole of the vehicle and increases chances Fire Safety - Check fluid hoses for leaks before driving and have fire extinguishers handy. of road problems. Towing - Never exceed the 3,000 lb. towed weight limit, check trailer breaks and lights, install a sway control system if possible, and check the strength of your hitch. General - Like with any vehicle, check. the oil, brakes, and such things periodically and geta tune-up before major trips. Balance - Keep your load balanced. With heavy furnature and such, cargo out of balance can significantly harm the suspension Tires- Don't use too old tires and keep your tires fully pumped up and check pressure every day you drive your vehicle. DNving an RV Weather. Check forecasts and adjust your driving to match the weather and road conditions. Maneuvering. RVs are much larger and Height and Length Awareness. RVs are substantially taller and longer than other vehicles. Drive with this harder to handle. Be fact in mind to avoid crashes. careful. Braking. Allow more space for your stops. Seatbelts. Always wear them, even though you're in an RV. Sources: Infographic by internet marketing

RV Safety Tips and Information

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Visual depiction of common causes of RV accidents, fast tips on how to stay safe with an RV, and information on how to drive an RV safely.


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