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Road Traffic Accidents UK

UK Road Traffic Accidents: A Leading Killer Every year, there are thousands of road traffic accidents in United Kingdom (UK). Being involved in an accident can leave anyone with injuries, from bruising to serious spinal or head injuries. Road traffic accident solicitors help people to claim road traffic accident compensation after an accident. 1,910 people killed and 24,560 killed or seriously injured (KSI), in year ending June 2011. Fall of 4% for both severities compared to the previous 12 month period. There were 206,850 casualties, 5% less than the year ending June 2010. Total child casualties fell by 2% to 19,980 with those KSI down 4% (2,470), compared with the year ending June 2010. Reported injury road accidents to the police fell by 5% (to 152,960) and fatal accidents by 3% (to 1,790) compared with the 12-month period ending June 2010. Motor vehicle traffic levels fell by 0.8% compared to the 12 month period ending June 2010. Road Traffic Accident Casualties UK 2009 There were over 222,000 road casualties in Great Britain in 2009, 4% less than in 2008. Deaths among car users in 2009 was 1,059. Children KSI in 2009 were 2,671. Of those, 1,660 were pedestrians. 81 children died on the roads. Pedal cyclists killed were 104 in 2009. Seriously injured were 2,606. The total casualties were 17,064. There were 500 pedestrian deaths in 2009. There were 472 motorcycle user fatalities in 2009. The number reported as seriously injured are 5,350. Total reported motorcycle user casualties include 20,703. 163,554 road accidents reported to the police involving personal injury in 2009. Of these, 21,997 accidents involved serious injuries. Compared with the 1994-98 average in 2009 Road Safety Tips for Drivers The number killed was 38% lower. Fasten seat belt no matter how short The number of reported killed or seriously injured casualties was 44% lower. the journey is. Always keep hands on wheel. The number of children killed or seriously injured was 61% lower. Stay alert and check traffic in all directions. Maintain the speed limit and slow down when road conditions are poor. The slight casualty rate was 37% lower. Don't drink and drive. In contrast traffic rose by an estimated 15% over this period. Do not drive while talking on mobile. Drinking and Driving Casualties 2009 In 2009, 11,990 reported casualties (5% of all road casualties) occurred while driving over the legal alcohol limit. People killed in drink drive accidents was 380 in 2009 (17% of all road fatalities), a decrease of 20 fatalities compared to the final 2008 estimate. KSI casualties in 2009 was 1,860, 8% below the final 2008 estimate. Road Traffic Accident Casualties by Road User Type 2011 Pedestrian, motorcycle and car user casualties reported to the police reduced by 2, 4 and 7% respectively compared with the year ending June 2010. KSI also fell by 2, 8 and 7% respectively compared with the previous 12 months. However, pedal cycle casualties rose by 6%, and KSI rose by 8% compared to the 12 month period ending June 2010. Comparison of Second QuUarter Results 2010 and 2011 500 people killed in reported road accidents from April to June 2011, 7% increase compared to the second quarter of 2010. However, KSI fell by 4% and total casualties fell by 3%. Road traffic showed a decrease of 1.0% for the same period. Pedestrian, motorcyclist and car occupant casualties all decreased by 2, 2 and 4% respectively compared to second quarter 2010. However, pedal cyclist casualties increased by 5%. Road Traffic Accident Claims: Road Traffic Accidents in UK 2011 Stafford- Cheshire South Wales Dumfries & Galloway 455 shire 4.342 Central 4,226 Derbyshire 4,160 679 Fife 3,921 725 Northern Nottingham 830 South Yorkshire Avon shire Tayside 3,914 Northumbria & Somerset 967 4,915 4,739 Merseyside West 4,954 Essex Mercia 4,637 Gwent 3,820 5,260 West 1,162 Yorkshire Strathclyde 5,273 Humberside 8,124 Grampian 3,747 1,322 Hertford shire Sussex Metropolitan Police (inc. City) Cleveland Thames 3,587 5,273 28,632 Valley 1,369 Leicester- 7,882 shire Gloucester shire 3,362 Surrey 1,554 5,400 Cambridge West North shire Midlands Yorkshire 3,344 7,789 1,666 Lincoln- Lancashire Cumbria 1,779 shire 6,182 3,297 Greater North Yorkshire Devon & Manchester Wiltshire Cornwall 2,833 7,530 1,823 Lothian & 6,220 Kent Hampshire Borders 6,370 6,618 Durham 2,805 Dorset 1,990 2,532 Warwick Suffolk shire Bedford- 2,458 2,082 Norfolk shire Dyfed- Powys 2,097 North 2,438 2,085 Wales 2,283 PANNONE Head Injury: up to £21,000 Neck Injury: up to £13,000 Shoulder/ Arm Injury: up to £29,000 Back Injury: up to £14,000 Hip Injury: up to £13,000 Leg Injury: up to £7,000 Casualties UK 2011 Road Traffic Accident Knee Injury: up to £7,000

Road Traffic Accidents UK

shared by minuteman on Mar 09
Some really interesting statistics in this Infographic from Pannone. I was really surprised by the amount of police accidents.




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