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Road Signs and What they Mean

THE ANΑΤΟΜΥ OF A TRAFFIĈ SIGN COMMON ROAD SIGNS AND WHAT THEY MEAN Ever wondered about how your average traffic sign came to be? These colorful road symbols weren't created by accident, as shown by the elaborate systems that go into their implementation. Which system? Some regions use their own distinct systems for road signs. Some of the most well-known examples include: UNITED NATIONS Vienna Convention on UNITED STATES UNITED KINGDOM Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) Manual on Uniform Traffic Road Signs and Signals Control Devices (MUTDC) While the Philippines largely follows the Vienna Convention (as ratified by Presidential Decree No. 207 in 1973), other parts of the country may deviate from this system depending on who manufactures the road signs. Some roads in Luzon, for example, use signs in the style of the popular US system. Types of Signs The Vienna Convention on Road Signs & Signals classifies road signs under three major types: Danger Warning Signs Warn road-users of upcoming dangers on the road and their nature. DEAD END Inform road-users of special obligations, restrictions or Regulatory Signs prohibitions they must comply with. These have four subtypes: Priority Signs Prohibitory / Restrictive Signs NO STOP PARKING ANY TIME LEFT TURN ON GREEN ARROW ONLY Mandatory Signs Special Regulation Signs Informative Signs Guide road-users during their travels or provide useful information. These have three subtypes: Information, Facilities or Service Signs Direction, Position or Indication Signs Additional Panels, attached to other Signs P ONE WAY 8:30 AM TO 5:30 PM TAXI Shape By now everybody recognizes the iconic octagonal "STOP" sign. Other basic shapes perform multiple functions across the different sign types. These shapes include: ODO IAV Three Side or Four? Under the Vienna Convention, danger warning signs may be either triangle- or diamond-shaped. Countries must choose between one of the two as the standard for all danger warning signs. Traffic signs usually stick to a limited palette of colors for both easy manufacturing and wider visibility in most weather conditions. Expect your nearest road sign to use at least two of the following: Color RED YELLOW GREEN BLUE WHITE BLACK BROWN ORANGE Color contrast is also important when designing road signs. High contrast makes it easier for drivers to read signs even at a distance. Popular combinations include: RED + WHITE BLACK + YELLOW BLACK + WHITE GREEN + WHITE BLUE + WHITE Night Visibility To ensure that road-users can avoid accidents in the dark, road signs (danger warning, regulatory, and direction signs in particular) must be well-lit, flourescent, or retroreflective so that drivers can see them without being dazzled. Retroreflective signs produce the effect of having a sign "glow the dark" when it hits a car's headlights. Тext Yes, there are special fonts and typefaces used exclusively for road signs. Some iconic examples include: CLEARVIEW HIGHWAY GOTHIC (FHWA SERIES) WAYFINDING SANS PRO MOTORWAY TRANSPORT Pictograms Road signs rely on a combination of text and highly recognizable graphics (or "pictograms") to convey information. For example, danger warning signs are designed to show a variety of potential road hazards, such as: 太 、 PEDESTRIANS CYCLISTS CONSTRUCTION SLIPPERY ROADS SPEED BUMPS ("MEN AT WORK") LIVESTOCK AND DEER POTHOLES ROAD NARROWS BRIDGES FALLING ROCKS Informative signs, meanwhile, are designed to tell you the general location of any of the following: GAS STATIONS HOSPITALS TELEPHONES RESTAURANTS CAMPSITES EMERGENCY SERVICES Neglecting the importance of traffic signs can have very serious consequences. Should you miss a warning sign and get into a head-on collision, you will need to pay for some expensive repairs. To prevent your own financial ruin, use MoneyMax right now to find a comprehensive car insurance plan that works for your vehicle and budget. Sources: MØneyMax.cah .ph We compare, you save

Road Signs and What they Mean

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An infographic about the different road signs every driver should know about.




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