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The Rise of the Small Car

The Rise of the Small Car 35% OF MARKET SMALL CARS AUSTRALIAN SMALL CARS HAVE GONE FROM THE SIDESHOW TO THE MAIN EVENT. 5.6% OF MARKET GROWING FROM 10% TO 35% AT THE LARGE CARS EXPENSE OF THE LARGE CARS DEMISE. 1998 2013 Popular Small Cars in Australia Ford Focus Cruze O Mazda 3 W Golf O Corolla Price $7005 $6670 $7655 $10,363 $6462 Gemini Mazda 323 Golf Corolla $20,290 $19,490 $20,330 $34,490 $19,990 Affordability BASED ON THE AVERAGE WAGE IT TAKES APPROXIMATELY SIX WEEKS LESS WAGES TODAY TO PURCHASE A CAR THAN IT DID IN 1983. 30 The Worlds Smallest Car 20 Peel P-50 10- The current record holder for smallest automobile to go into production, the Peel P-50, has no reverse gear but a handle at the rear that allows the light weight car to be physically manouvered. 0- WEEKS Performance HOW QUICK CAN IT GO FROM 0-100KM/H? 8.6 9.5 SECONDS 9.9 SECONDS 10.7 SECONDS 11.9 SECONDS 12.3 SECONDS 14.5 SECONDS 14.7 SEC ONDS 15.1 SECONDS 18.5 SECONDS SECONDS 1983 Gemini 2013 Cruze 1983 Corolla 2013 1983 Golf 1983 2013 1983 2013 2013 Mazda 323 Mazda 3 Corolla Laser Focus Golf Size Comparison 84,141,209 cars were produced HONEY I BLEW UP THE SMALL CAR! around the world in 2012 alone. That's 3x more cars than the 14% LARGER THAN THE LASER 8% LARGER THAN THE GEMINI population of Australia. Focus vs Laser Cruze vs Gemini 12% LARGER THAN THE MAZDA 323 16% LARGER THAN THE '83 GOLF 5% LARGER THAN THE '83 COROLLA Mazda 3 vs Mazda 323 Golf vs Golf Corolla vs Corolla Fuel Economy IS IT A GAS GUZZLER? 10 10 4.9 5.5- 2013 Golf EE L/100KM 1983 Golf L/100KM -6.2- L/100KM 2013 Focus -7.11 1983 Laser L/100KM 7.0 8.6- 2013 Cruze L/100KM 1983 Gemini L/100KM -7.1- E 2013 Corolla L/100KM -7.9-1 7.9 R7.8- 1983 Corolla L/100KM 2013 Mazda 3 L/100KM 1983 Mazda 323 L/100KM *Diesel And finally... The 1983 Holden VH Commodore is 4706mm. The small car has come a long way in the last 30 years, beginning to fill the shoes the large car once wore and it shows no signs of stopping its rise to the top. The 2013 Holden Cruze is 4615mm long. That's only a difference of 91mm, which is about the same length as one of today's smart keys! For more on todays small cars visit Brought to you by Powered by motoring 1983 Laser 2013 Focus 1983 Gemini N 2013 Cruze 1983 Mazda 323 2013 Mazda 3 1983 Golf 2013 Golf 1983 Corolla 2013 Corolla

The Rise of the Small Car

shared by PiotrOzmina on Oct 10
Small cars overtook large cars as Australia’s biggest single new vehicle sales segment a few years ago, and since then their popularity has grown almost as much as large car sales have declined.


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