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Revenge of the Speed Cameras

SPEED CAMERAS REVENGE OF THE THE TOP 10 SPEED CAMERAS IN BRITAIN ÎN TERMS OF REVENUE A1(M) BETWEEN JUNCTIONS THREE AND FOUR, HERTFORDSHIRE £789 Honth £568,080 per annual revenue A3 IN PORSTMOUTH £537 £386,640 imte per annual revenue A40, WESTERN AVENUE, LONDON £49 £359,280 per month annual revenue M60 JUNCTION 25, MANCHESTER: £458 Honth estimąted annual revenue per A116 IN HULL £421 £303,120 per month estimąted annual revenue A34 IN GREAT BARR, WEST MIDLANDS £375 £270,000 ene estimated annual revenue per A21 AT TONBRIDGE BYPASS £341 £245,520 per month annual revenue A40 IN LEA, WEST MERCIA £322 £231,840 estimąted annual revenue per A1 IN COLSTERWORTH, LINCOLNSHIRE £305 £219,600 estimated annual revenue per A1 IN ELKESLEY, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE £290 £208,800 per month annual revenue THIS TOP 10 ACCOUNTS FOR AROUND£3 OF REVENUE GENERATED FROM FAST-DRIVING MOTORISTS MILLION THE UK HAS THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF SPEED CAMERA INSTALLATIONS IN THE WORLD U.K - 10,040 GERMANY - 9,863 FRANCE - 8,722 ITALY - 5,650 SPAIN - 2,302 SPEED CAMERAS - THE NUMBERS GAME THE RISE OF FIXED PENALTY FINES ISSUED IN ENGLAND & WALES. £87 MILLION A YEAR PROFIT 592% 260,000 IN 2000 - 2001 1.8 MILLION IN 2003-2004 FOR THE TREASURY (2008-2009) MOTORISTS HAVE BEEN CAUGHT SINCE 1996 £40,000 THE MAJORITY OF SPEEDING OFFENCES DETECTED BY CAMERAS ARE DEALT A FIXED PENALTY OF 3 POINTS AND £60 FINE THE AVERAGE COST OF OPERATING A UK SPEED CAMERA £401,600,000 ESTIMATED ANNUAL OPERATING COST OF SPEED CAMERAS HOW SPEED CAMERAS ARE FUNDED DEPARTMENT FOR TRANSPORT GIVES BUDGET LOCAL AUTHORITIES GIVES FUNDS ROAD SAFETY PARTNERSHIP GIVES PROFIT THE TREASURY THE FINES RAISED BY THE CAMERAS GO DIRECTLY TO THE TREASURY AND NOT TO THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES TYPES OF SPEED CAMERAS GATSO MOBILE WATCHMAN PEEK The first method used by Gatso, Watchman, Peek and mobile cameras is to send a laser or radar beam at the passing vehicle. The beam is then returned back to the speed camera equipment, providing an exact speed. TRUVELO SPEEDCURB DS2 These use piezo sensors in the road surface to calculate the speed of a vehicle passing through the cameras enforcement zone. SPECS Take a photograph of all passing vehicles at point 'a', then several hundred metres along the road at point 'b' a second photograph is taken. Both photographs are date and time stamped, the speed camera equipment then calculates your average speed. SOURCES 2055655/Revealed-The-speed-cameras-raking-3m-year.html stay on the WWW.JMW.CO.UK road jmw by

Revenge of the Speed Cameras

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Staggeringly, the UK has more speed cameras than Italy and Spain combined, and has more speed cameras policing its roads than Germany and France, two of the biggest countries in Europe. These cameras ...




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