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Reveal of the 2015 Mustang | CJ Pony Parts

A LOOK AT THE TOP SPEED 2015 FORD MUSTANG The 2015 Mustang's top speed is regulated by an internal com puter in the car, which allows the Mustang's maximum speed to hit 155 mph. 155 Same speed as a Boeing 737 taking off EXTERIOR / INTERIOR OVERVIEW 2X fast er than a cheetah (60 mph) 3X fast er than the fastest race horse ever recorded (44 mph) NEW HOOD VENTS to give the impression of flared nostrils NARROWED HEADLIGHTS for a more ferocious look SMOOTHER SIDE WINDOWS create a more seamless look across the body *PONYPOWER' TRUMPS HORSEPOWER The 2015 Mustang is expected to reach a maximum of 420 horsepower and will remain capable of towing 1,000 Ibs of weight behind it. » 2015 FORD MUSTANG - 420 HP NEW REAR WINDOW has a small lip extending onto the glass » CURRENT DODGE CHARGER - 370 HP » CURRENT CHEVY CAMARO - 370 HP SLIGHTLY SMALLER & LIGHTER BODY (O that is 200 lbs lighter than the current weight MORE SPACIOUS CHASSIS The 2015 Mustang will have enough power to tow: with independent rear suspension FIVE BABY ELE PHANTS RECTANGULAR VENTS to the left and right o of the center stack UNDER THE HOOD CIRCULAR AIR VENTS above the center stack There will be three engine variations to choose from for the 2015 model: TWO LA RGE. SIMPLIFIED GAUGES in front of driver STANDARD V6 - 3.7 Liter "COYOTE' V8 - 5.0 Liter 10 ECO-BOOST 4 CYL - 2.3 Liter Standard transmission options: A OR SIX SPEED A AUTOMATIC E TRANSMISSION SIX SPEED M) MANUAL 880 TRANSMISSION DROPPING A FEW POUNDS FOR 2015 A CASE STUDY IN PASSENGER VOLUME Ford is estimated to subtract between 200-400 lbs of weight off of the current Mustang model, meaning that the 2015 Mustang will be capable of faster speeds and better fuel efficiency. Unlike Corvettes and other 2-seater sports cars, the 2015 Mustang meets the high-power criteria of an American classic without sacrificing passenger space. 2015 MODEL WILL HAVE 84.5 CUBIC FT OF PASSENGER SPACE WEIGHT COMPARISONS BY MODEL What if you converted your Mustang into a CLOWN TRANSPORT SERVICE? 2015 Mustang PP>>P>>>>>>»I» 3,100 lbs Your Mustang would hold 28 CLOWNS* Corvette (current) >>>IIII>>►>>► _3,300 Ibs CLOWN %3D Camaro (current) » *>II>I>>>P>>>I » 3,700 lbs * Note: Don't put this many clowns in your Mustang, as it is illegal and probably very uncomfortable 3 CUBIC FT Charger (current) * 3,900 Ibs 2015 CARS BY NAME COOLNESS LEVEL #1 - MUSTANG #2 - STINGRAY # 3 EQUINOX # 4 - LAMBORGHINI ( Okay, it's not actually a kind of pasta) #5 - BEETLE #6 - CHARGER BEST FUEL EFFICIENCY IN SPORTS CARS DRIVING AROUND THE GLOBE Because the 2015 Mustang is as powerful as its precursors but has a lighter weight, the 2015 Mustang will get excellent gas mileage. How many times would you have to fill the tank to drive around the entire Equator? At its Equator, the Earth is approximately 25,000 miles in circumference. The EcoBoost 4-cyl 2015 Mustang 40 mpg ( This data has not yet been released, butitis rumored to be 40 mpg ) 38 mpg 2015 MUSTANG - only 39 times Camaro (current) Nissan (current) 36 mpg CORVETTE - 47 times Jaguar (current) 30 mpg CHARGER - 51 times Corvette (current) 29 mpg Charger (current) 25 mpg HONDA SPORT HYBRID: 67 times CAR COSTS Despite the 2015 Mustang's great fuel efficiency, speed stats and sleek new look, the price of the new Mustang isn't expected to be more than $30,000. CHEVY CAMARO CORVETTE STINGRAY FORD MUSTANG DODGE CHARGER $25,000 - $35,000 $28,000 - $47,000 $20,000 - $60,000 $70,000 - $75,000 FORD.COM I AUTOGUIDE.COM | DIGITALTRENDS.COM CPony Parts CARANDDRIVER.COM | AUTOS.AOL.COM TIT

Reveal of the 2015 Mustang | CJ Pony Parts

shared by KaylaMatthews on Jan 16
The 2015 Mustang has been estimated to get 40 highway miles per gallon, which would make it one of the most fuel-efficient sports cars ever! Plus, it just looks awesome. Check it out on CJ Pony Parts ...




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