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Report on Motoring 2014 Infographic

RaC Report On Motoring 2014 UK roads O36% over a third of drivers claim they would be willing to pay more A80% motoring tax if the 141% additional funds were ring-fenced to improve 8 in 10 motorists feel roads that the motoring taxes of motorists state that they pay are not the condition of the UK sufficiently reinvested roads is a major concern into the maintenance A61% of local roads believe that their local roads have been neglected and have deteriorated in condition required £12 billion* Government road maintenance funding available £3.64 billion "Asphalt Industry Alliance Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey 2014 Meet the "multi-modal motorist" other modes of transport motorists use as well as their cars 90% 65% WALK TRAIN 62% 67% TAXI BUS 39% CARPOOL 10% 32% Legal or illegal which offences do motorists believe are against the law 79% 88% CHECKING SOCIAL MEDIA illegal TEXTING WHILST DRIVING 69% illegal TAILGATING illegal. 65% WHAT DRIVERS THINK IS ILLEGAL 18% SMOKING WITH CHILDREN IN CAR legal 31% 53% 55% AGGRESSIVE DRIVING - DRIVING IN BARE FEET" legat illegal 58% HOGGING MIDDLE LANE HAVING TV IN FRONT SEAT illegal illegal DRIVING WITH A PARTIALLY CRACKED WINDSCREN * Legislation is expected to illegal be passed in December 2014 to make this illegal with the ban coming into force later in 2015. **Driving in bare feet is legal unless deemed not to be in proper control of vehicle Driving lifelong learning 10% of motorists surveyed said they had points on their licence. Of these: 6% of motorists were issued points for using a mobile while driving 49% who acquired points were caught speeding by a speed camera 10% gained their points for running a red light Blue light keeping law and order 15% O 86% D of 17-24 year olds admit to texting 10:13 PM Contacts RAC or checking social media on their phones whilst driving ( Messages 75% of motorists regularly report observing other drivers using their phones whilst driving 16% are you on your way ? of motorists believe it is extremely However, only 8% of drivers admit to doing it themselves hey i've just left. unlikely they will get caught for texting whilst driving Send O Message 20% Q WERTYUI O P of motorists living in London have A S DF G HJKL their attention diverted by texting Z X C V BN M retum space 123 25% of company car drivers can be distracted by looking at their mobile phone or smartphone Fuel prices at the pumps One litre of fuel Where your money goes PUMP PRICE (per 1itre) 10rol & 121.45p Diesel 8 125.99p of which PRE-TAX COST (includes oil product ion, ref in ing, diste * foréčourt ribut fon rol 8 45.76p Diesel 8 47.04p DUTY RATE Petrol 8 57.95p Diesel 8 57.95p VAT (at 20K) In 2014 the cost of fuel is not quite the RATE Petrol e 20.74p concern it was 12 months ago. Less than half (47%) of motorists rank it as their biggest worry, compared to 63% this time last year, a fall of 16%. Clearly the freeze on fuel duty, lower global oil prices and the strength of the pound has contributed to this. Diesel 8 21.00p DUTY & VAT PERCENTAGE (* of the punp price that is Duty & VAT) TOTAL % Petrol 8 63% Diesel 8 63% Thank you Please come again Prices as of 1st Dec 2014 Created by RAC. Visit us at for more information. This work is licensed under a creative commons licence The RAC Report on Motoring 2014 is based on an internet survey of 1,526 British motorists carried out by Quadrangle on behalf of the RAC.

Report on Motoring 2014 Infographic

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Great Britain is a motoring nation. A country of nearly 36 million drivers, who rely on their cars day in, day out, as they go about their everyday routines. Despite fuel prices, potholes, taxes and b...


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